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  • Last Post 07 January 2017
Mekslayer posted this 06 January 2017

So... with all the talk about bringing S7 back... it there any possibility that we can re-link all our old armories back into the new website?

I always liked having it around for its ability to inspire new ideas... albeit more dispassionate about all the discussions that they in fact would generate.

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icehellion posted this 06 January 2017

I am not sure we can.

Yeden posted this 06 January 2017

While I wouldn't expect the armories to be imported exactly as they were (I don't know the nature of S7's disappearance/reappearance, but assume it was a hardware failure with data loss), I will say that the armory's searchable database of user-generated content was the old site's biggest standout feature, and is probably what drew most people here in the first place.

So if S7 is going to be rebuilt, the #1 task on the list is obviously "make my randomly-generated green user icon more elaborate and fancy than Mekslayer's randomly-generated green user icon, because this is BS" - with "personal curation of our custom design collections" a close second.

Thunder posted this 07 January 2017

Please.  Your randomly generated green icon is no match for my randomly generated fancy hat and glasses.


I hope the old site is still archived somewhere.  My understanding is that it was not compatible with the new server that Skyhigh has access to now.  But I have hopes that a backup exists we might be given access to at some point in the future.  Especially since the previous crash really did wipe out all data.  Backing up the site seems like it would be a prudent lesson learned.  We'll find out when skyhigh has time for this site.

Meanwhile, We have a forum.  And while skyhigh said he wanted the forum to be the core of the website, I don't see how well that would work.  Perhaps we were spoiled by the previous iteration of S7.  Other problems is Skyhigh clearly has limited time he can work on S7.  Possible solution is to outsource the construction into a team project ala megamek or Skunk Werks.  Get volunteers to help build things up again.   Sadly I'm unprepared to help with that, don't know the second thing about coding.  Plus it would still require an initial investment of Skyhigh's time to get such a group effort started.