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Lasergunner posted this 22 July 2017


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Lasergunner posted this 22 July 2017

Lasergunner posted this 22 July 2017

Honorable Precentor,

The task you have bestowed upon me is challenging indeed! This 'Mech, the "Jammer", was unknown to me, until you set me upon the task of learning its deep, but fractured, history.

I apologize for the sparatic level of detail presented in this report. The archives are fraught with holes and inconsistancies, at best. I have attempted to weed out the most outlandish suppositions, and present the history of the "Jammer" for your approval.

The "Jammer" program began life in the latter years of the Star League's Golden Era, initiated by the dispicable General Alexandr Kerensky.

With his exodus, and the fall of the Inner Sphere into a time of darkness, the history of the "Jammer" nearly met its end. It is unfortunate that our blessed order was not able to secure a more honorable legacy for this ancient design. Over the centuries, the "Jammer" fell into disrepair and stepped aside for more popular machines.

Like a Phoenix, the "Jammer" received a breath of new life, in the form of a second generation OmniMech design. This increasing cooperation between the Houses Davion and Kurita is troubling.

You will find a more detailed description of each incarnation of the "Jammer" attached to the end of this report.

Adept Martin Heartford

[Note: The 'Mechs are best viewed in the order that they are NUMBERED... JAM-1R, -2K, -3R, -4K, -5O]