2-part Design Contest

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Warhawk posted this 25 April 2019

Part 1 - Building a Unit

The "classic" lance structure (as extolled by the original manual that came with the boxed BattleTech game) was composed of 2 Heavy, 1 Medium, and 1 Light 'Mech (specifically a Marauder, an Orion, a Hunchback, and a Spider). This lance, once each weight class is assigned a point value, comes out to 9 points. A company (3 lances) would be a total of 27 points.

So I came up with the following structure for the first part of the challenge:
Point Assignment 

  • Light          1   
  • Medium     2
  • Heavy        3 
  • Assault      4

 Total Points:  30

Develop your unit ('Mechs only) using the point structure above to the maximum value.  You will use these 'Mechs in the second part of the challenge.  The 'Mechs available for the challenge will be those from the original TRO 3025.  Any of them are available for you to use (even the LAMs if you decide to go that route).

Part 2 - Upgrade Challenge

Unknown Location
Unknown Time

Your jumpship comes out into a star system that is unfamiliar to you.  Your unit was headed across the corridor of stars that had once been home to the Terran Hegemony when the jumpship hit a spatial anomaly (yes, I took the idea from Far Country).  Now you find that the jumpship is damaged, but the good news is that the jumpship can be repaired.  Your unit needs to rest following the recent battles that you've been part of and the unit needs something to take their mind off the situation.

The astrogation department on the jumpship struggles to identify the location in relation to the rest of the Inner Sphere, but does manage to identify parts of the solar system that you find yourself in.  Two large debris belts border the habitation zone, also known as the Goldilocks zone.  Several gas giants are also in the system with a myriad of moons around them.  The telescopes identify a pair of worlds that exist in the habitation zone and work continues apace as the department studies both worlds.

Slowly a picture of life on the outer planet comes in showing that it is a blasted desert world much like Mars with several large structures seen on the surface.  The other world seems to be pristine, almost a copy of Terra, pastoral in appearance.  Structures are also visible on this world, but unlike the other world seem to be in good shape.  As your unit gathers together, the decision comes to undock from the jumpship and make a run to the pastoral world for the time being to keep your unit members from being underfoot while the jumpship crew makes repairs.

As the first dropships arrive around the pastoral world, more extensive structures are seen.  The largest appears to be a massive tower with a huge symbol on it.  The computers manage to identify the symbol as the Cameron Star.  Once again a vote is taken and the crew decides to explore the area further.  The first few dismounted MechWarriors identify a large cache of explosives, massive amounts of pentaglycerine.  A series of igniters are connected to them, but they obviously haven't been detonated.  Closer examination shows that a large rat was fried at the main junction when it tried to gnaw at the wires.  It seems to be that the structure was supposed to be destroyed at some point in the past.

Deeper exploration shows a working terminal.  As you approach you see that a series of cameras have been following your progress across the room.  The terminal's display comes to life:  "Enter your request..."  After several hours of work you find that the terminal is just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg.  The facility is a Terran Hegemony Refit and Repair Station.  It is completely automated and can modify, repair, and upgrade BattleMechs using the stored supplies.  The system is fully automated, the 'Mech enters one end, and exits with the modifications from the other end.

More questions come to mind and your unit as a whole decide to proceed with the experiment.

Instructions:  Use your created lances (from above) and upgrade them using Star League equipment (list to follow in another post, damn word limit).  Keep in mind that supplies are limited and you will have to make some design considerations.

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Warhawk posted this 25 April 2019

Equipment Available

  • Anti-missile System - 3 available (4 tons of ammunition)
  • Arrow IV - 1 available (5 tons standard, 3 tons homing, 1 ton FASCAM ammunition)
  • ER Large Laser - 6 available
  • ER PPC - 5 available
  • Gauss Rifle - 2 available (8 tons of ammunition)
  • LB-10X Autocannon - 3 available (6 tons of cluster ammunition)
  • Narc Missile Beacon - 2 available (5 tons of ammunition; 10 tons of LRM-capable and 12 tons of SRM-capable)
  • Small Pulse Laser - none
  • Medium Pulse Laser - 6 available
  • Large Pulse Laser - 2 available
  • Streak SRM-2 - 4 available (5 tons of ammunition)
  • Ultra AC-5 - 5 available (8 tons of ammunition)


  • Artemis IV FCS - 6 available (15 tons of LRM-capable and 8 tons of SRM-capable)
  • Beagle Active Probe - 1 available
  • CASE - 6 available
  • Double Heat Sinks - 73 available (must replace all heat sinks, including those in the engine)
  • Guardian ECM suite - 2 available
  • MASC gear - 10 tons of equipment available (you may allocate as you choose)
  • TAG gear - 2 available (see Arrow IV entry for ammunition availability)

Construction Materials

  • Endo-steel - 31 tons available
  • Ferro-fibrous armor - 74 tons available
  • Jump Jets - 21 tons of components available
  • XL engine - 53 tons of components available (use in the same way as the MASC gear)

The facility can conduct Class F upgrades (essentially a new design using a similar appearance).  When you post your units, use a "simple" post as follows:

Command Lance (11 points) - BattleMaster, Marauder, Warhammer, and Valkyrie

When the various 'Mechs are upgraded, use SSW's formatting for the equipment (found in the Open section under File), such as:  BattleMaster:  4/6/0 12 DHS, 100% armor, 2 PPCs, 10 MLs (2 rear).  Make use of SSW to create your designs, but you don't need to post them here (way too much space needed).

Have fun and I'm available by PM if you have any questions.

Thunder posted this 25 April 2019

Can i feed or reuse less advanced equipment into the faciity? Im sure i have a few dozen medium lasers floating around, etc. How much level 1 tech is available?


Also, how absolute is my knowledge of the capabilities of star league tech?  Kinda need to know what era my crew comes from.  It will influence their decisions.


What else does the crew discover poking around in this facility?  Just how much explosives are there?  And what are my chances of disarming all of it?

Warhawk posted this 25 April 2019

I did forget to include the "standard" tech available in the facility.

Standard Equipment available

  • AC/2 - 3 available
  • AC/5 - 5 available
  • AC/10 - 2 available
  • AC/20 - 1 available
  • MG - 10 available
  • Small Laser - 12 available
  • Medium Laser - 10 available
  • Large Laser - 4 available
  • PPC - 3 available
  • Flamer - 7 available
  • LRM-5 - none available
  • LRM-10 - 3 available
  • LRM-15 - 7 available
  • LRM-20 - 4 available
  • SRM-2 - 6 available
  • SRM-4 - 9 available
  • SRM-6 - 2 available

Ammunition for all ballistic weaponry is at least 3 sets of reloads for each individual piece of equipment.  The specialty munitions mentioned in the original TRO 2750 is available as follows:

  • Swarm - 10 tons available
  • Thunder - 9 tons available

Knowledge of Star League Technology

For most MechWarriors, the specifications from the Star League period are that of mythical capabilities mixed with some skepticism at the level of advanced technology.  The baseline for the challenge will be stories of technology capabilities from the Star League and detailed examples from the AI in the computer system.  Deeper exploration of the AI system will allow your unit members to see the weaponry in use with full BattleROMs from the Reunification War and the Amaris War on hand.  No simulators are available, but the specifications for the weaponry can be programmed into the few simulators that your unit has on hand in their dropships.  Era is late 3rd Succession War, ~3022-ish.  No Gray Death memory core just yet in the Inner Sphere.

Other tech

I leave that up to you.  Figure on a facility that is close in size to Defiance Industries on Hesperus II and there were enough explosives present to completely destroy the facility.  The SLDF troops leaving for the Exodus didn't want to leave anything behind when they left.  Of course you can't figure on the problem from rodents chewing on everything.  What you do with the explosives is entirely up to you.  

Your troops find massive automated facilities and even more massive storerooms holding a small fraction of what they could.  When the computer is queried it regretfully informs you that "Delivery for a majority of components has been disrupted and parts are not available in the same quantities as before."

icehellion posted this 25 April 2019

Are the limits for each player or for all of us?

Warhawk posted this 25 April 2019

For each player.  Do what you can using the points to create your unit.  Anything from 10 Heavies to 30 Lights (if you're so inclined) and everything else in-between.

Thunder posted this 25 April 2019

Can the facility accept shipments of parts from the units spare parts supply. Also are parts removed from refitted battlemechs still available?

How good is the facility at processing refined materials? Like standard structure being reworked? (Feeding in several smaller mechs to make a bigger one)(yes im gaming the system here)

What is found out about the other structures?

Prince posted this 27 April 2019

Anything from 10 Heavies to 30 Lights (if you're so inclined)

I shouldn't.


Warhawk posted this 29 April 2019

Any parts removed from your 'Mechs as they are refitted can be used to refit other 'Mechs.

Paths of Exploration

As your troops try to explore more of the facility the level decay in some area are at odds with seemingly pristine areas.  After several days of searching, you come upon a section of the facility that has a null code affixed to it.  The facility appears to be a combination of smelting furnaces, grown cold after several centuries of non-use, and assembly areas.  Everything appears to be in a distinct set of decay, very much in contrast to the main facility.  Deeper and deeper the exploration teams wind their way into the facility trying to make some sense of their surroundings.  Here it appears that the explosives were set off after the team comes face to stone with a massive rockfall that blocks their way forward.  After checking in, the techs assigned to the AI system report that the AI has been "most helpful" in describing which areas of the facility are still in use.

The AI does continue to bemoan the lack of shipments from the orbital facilities that once produced endo-steel materials and the furnaces that once created ferro-fibrous armor.  The automated facilities ran until they ran out of components to make advanced components like the double-chambered heat sinks and the advanced weaponry that the facility once had on hand to refit a RCT in about a month.

Basically, no gaming the system here Thunder.  Make do with what you have available.  I will say that you do have the following ancillary systems available to you:

  • SLDF Neurohelmets
  • SLDF Cooling Suits
  • Circuit boards replaced wholesale in all computers
  • Fully refitted cockpits with new components (complete with that new 'Mech smell)

There are a number of areas where the explosives went off, no aerospace fighter refits nor vehicle refits.  Those areas were destroyed.  Hence why the AI bemoans their destruction.  I was thinking of the AI as being analogous to the Factory Satellites from Robotech/Macross.

Thunder posted this 29 April 2019

What could possibly go wrong with a unit of all LAMs....

I find it odd that the unit lacks in spare parts. Unless their spare part pool is already included in the standard parts pool.

Are there standard armor and engine components available? (Id include heat sinks... But there will be plenty of spares...)

Thunder posted this 29 April 2019

Thinking out loud.

2 A 8.  Convert 1 into a missile boat, The other into an energy brawler
6 H 18.  1 Body guard, 1 missile boat,  figure out the other 4 later.
4 L 4.  Turn 2 urban mechs into 10/15/10 terrors.  Be less insane with the other 2, because I need XL engines elsewhere.

Look at the lack of LAM's...  Why?  Because they're kinda unbelievable.  They would make better scouts then the light mechs, but they're so bloody rare...

Goal is to refit mechs to be in top sustainable condition.  Thus advanced weapons with only limited ammo are not going to be preferred for refits without a back up plan to strip them out for normal weapons later.  Still some advanced tech is too incredible to pass up on (DHS...)  But concessions need to be made for future repairs.  Also we're stripping everything and selling it to the highest bidder as soon as we're out of here.


Warhawk posted this 02 May 2019

Here is a sneak peak at what I've been working on for my own contribution to the idea (I've had plenty of time for thinking, physical work means lots of time for mental work exercises).  I'm including some fluff for the unit that I've created, but it isn't necessary (but it is S7 that we're talking about here, there are some standards that we need to keep up) if you don't want to include fluff with your design.  Please take note that I'm just posting up the unit's history up to finding the structure and the original TO&E before the upgrades.  That will come in another post.  Without further ado...

Unit History

Anton's revolt against Janos Marik threw the Free Worlds League into a flurry of action.  Brother against brother, father against son and daughter, and families fractured as the Mariks fought over who should be in charge of the League.  Many chose to support Anton because he was the younger brother, rather than following the principle of primogeniture.  Leopold Pope and his children Alexander, Dimitrious, and Aliciana were one of those groups.  They formed a battalion of 36 BattleMechs and 6 AeroSpace Fighters from family members, retainers, and assorted hangers-on from Regulan and Stewart family resources.  Initially victorious against Loyalist forces, the unit managed to keep losses down.

Then came the betrayal of Wolf's Dragoons on New Delos.  The unleashing of Natasha Kerensky's newly formed Black Widow Company sealed the fate of Anton Marik and those who followed him.  Leopold Pope was one of the many casualties of the murderous wrath of Natasha Kerensky.  His sons and daughter decided that they should leave the FWL sooner rather than later to escape Janos' victorious forces.

Fatal Mistakes

Fleeing towards the Lyran Commonwealth, the depleted battalion known now as The Pope's Regiment (from the old joke of "How many regiments does the Pope have?") decided it needed to get some new equipment and some degree of infamy/fame before they started on the mercenary path.  The decision by the oldest brother Alexander to raid Hesperus II was met with incredulity by his brother and sister.  Eventually both agreed to the scheme.

On low power mode, the trio of Unions silently waited on the far side of the Hesperus system for Hesperus II to move towards them.  Stuck for weeks eating cold food and surviving in an increasingly rank atmosphere caused tempers to flare and put everyone on edge.  The trio of Unions made planetfall easily enough and the three short companies made it to the outskirts of the massive Defiance Industries complex.  At first they were rather successful with their unit able to blast their way into the complex.  A newly completed Banshee-S and a pair of factory new Hatchetmen were hauled to Dimitrious' dropship.  A small refit area was also overrun that contained several captured Draconis Combine 'Mechs that were in use by the defending Lyran Guard regiment along with some Commonwealth produced Commandos.

These early successes made Alexander more boastful and led to his direct assault on the main complex of Defiance.  Already alerted to the mercenary force, Defiance's Self-Defence Force sallied out with several of the new Banshee-S's leading a large force of the 26th Lyran Guard.  Alexander's short company was nearly annihilated in the fighting.  Dimitrious arrived just as his brother's Warhammer was blasted to pieces by a pair of Banshees.  His company sustained horrendous losses as well with only 1 'Mech from his recon lance surviving to make it back to the dropship.  His sister's company also took heavy losses, but managed to pull back a trio of 'Mechs out of Alexander's company to their respective dropships.

On the journey out from Hesperus II, the trio of dropships were under constant attack and Alexander's Union was destroyed when a full squadron of Lucifers tore it to pieces.  The sacrifice of the Union was enough for the other two Unions to escape with the tattered remnants of the battalion.  Also lost in the retreat from Hesperus II were the AeroSpace Fighters of the battalion.  As the jumpship attempted to leave Hesperus space, it too came under fire as the incensed Lyran forces ignored the Ares Conventions and fired on the Invader.  They barely survived with their lives and with all too little.  The only bright spot was that unit had managed to save enough MechWarriors to pilot the stolen 'Mechs, but had little else.  The loss of Alexander's dropship hurt the unit as they lost most of their spare parts and ammunition.


1st Company
Command Lance (8)
Marauder (-3M)

Recon Lance (2)

2nd Company
Command Lance (4)

Attack Lance (2)

Scout Lance (1)

Recovered/Stolen (13)

icehellion posted this 08 May 2019

I'm including some fluff for the unit that I've created, but it isn't necessary (but it is S7 that we're talking about here, there are some standards that we need to keep up) if you don't want to include fluff with your design. 


Warhawk posted this 12 May 2019


The presence of upgraded 'Mechs changed the face of Dimitrious and Aliciana's shared command.  The old formation was shattered by House Steiner's forces after their aborted raid on Hesperus II.  Access to the AI-controlled system and the series of upgrades experimented upon by Pope's Hammers lead to the following formations.

Instead of relying on companies, the force reorganized into separate lances that could operate separately or together as a meta-company.  Each lance combined advanced technology that was little understood (even with assistance from the AI system).  Each MechWarrior was allowed to modify their 'Mechs to their heart's content, but each 'Mech had to "mesh" well with the others in their lances.  Split into a Command, a Fire, a Sweep, and a Strike Lance the unit's reorganization followed some "typical" lines, but others could be a complete surprise for an unprepared enemy.

Command Lance
Orion - 4/6, ES (4 tons), FF (13 tons, 100%), 1 CASE, GR (3 tons), LRM-15 (2 tons), 2 MPL, AMS (1 ton)
Centurion - 5/8, XL (6.5 tons), 10 DHS, FF (8.5 tons, 89.44%), Ultra-5 (1 ton), ER LL, LRM-10 w/Artemis (1 tons), 2 ML
Hatchetman (1) - 5/8/5, ES (2.5 tons), 10 DHS, 99.34%, ER PPC, hatchet, 2 ML, 5 SL
Hatchetman (2) - 4/6/4, ES (2.5 tons), FF (8.5 tons, 99.34%), LB-10X (2 cluster, 1 ton), MPL, ML

Fire Lance
Banshee - 4/6, XL (20.5 tons), 11 DHS, 100%, 1 CASE, Arrow IV (4 tons mixed), 2 PPC, 5 ML
Marauder - 4/6, 12 DHS, 100% armor, ER PPC, G-ECM, 3 LL, 2 ML
Trebuchet - 5/8, ES (2.5 tons), FF (8 tons, 84.61%), 3 ML, 2 LRM-15 (4 tons NARC-capable)
Griffin - 5/8/5, 10 DHS, FF (8.5 tons, 82.16%), PPC, LRM-15 (2 tons NARC-capable), ML

Sweep Lance
Hunchback - 7/11[14], ES (2.5 tons), XL (15 tons), 10 DHS, MASC (3 tons), FF (8.5 tons, 89.94%), PPC, LL, 2ML
Clint - 7/11[14], ES (2 tons), XL (8 tons), MASC (2 tons), FF (7.5 tons, 97.81%), G-ECM, TAG, PPC, 3 ML
Jenner (1) - 7/11/6, ES (2 tons), FF (5 tons, 74.78%), 2 ML, NARC Beacon (2 tons)
Jenner (2) - 7/11[14], ES (2 tons), 11 SHS, MASC (2 tons) 94.11%, TAG, 4 ML

Strike Lance
Firestarter - 6/9[12], MASC (2 tons), FF (5.5 tons, 82.35%), NARC Beacon (2 tons), 2 ML, 2 SL, Flamer
Panther - 6/9/5, ES (2 tons), 10 DHS, 100%, 1 CASE, ER LL, Streak SRM-2 (1 ton)
Commando (1) - 8/12, ES (1.5 tons), 98.87%, BAP, 3 ML
Commando (2) - 6/9[12], ES (1.5 tons), MASC (1 tons), 80.84%, ML, SRM-4 w/Artemis (1 ton), Streak SRM-2 (1 ton)

*Aside:  Taking a different tact than Thunder, the unit chose to keep the rest of the equipment in place (what little bit remains) to use a "Fall-back" position if the worst happens.  That assumes that ROM doesn't murder the whole group now that they have SL tech on their 'Mechs and it doesn't match anything that they've published.  Took a bit of work to play with the numbers, but since it was my challenge, here is my upgraded unit.  Have fun gents with you deliberations.

Thunder posted this 12 May 2019

Got distracted translating OGREs to Alpha strike. I'll start up on this again soon.

Thunder posted this 12 May 2019

So starting Supplies are:

2 Atlas
3 Marauders
3 Orions
2 Urban Mech
2 Firestarters

And it turns out the "Commander" is an asshole that can't stick with the plan.

Atlas 100t, 4/6/3 (6 tons of JJ), XL (26.5 tons), Standard structure; 19.0T/99% Armor; 20DHS; 20ML, 1 BAP

This one eats up a lot of XL engine, DHS and Jump Jets; and I'm fairly sure the Medium lasers of quite a few other mechs just went missing to make this.  Apparently somewhere in the files was a mech called the "Light Bringer" and he just had to have one... after "Improving" it.

Meanwhile, 1 AC-20, 1 LRM-20, and an SRM-6 plus their ammo are added to the stockpiles, as are 20 heat sinks.

26.5 XL, 15JJ, 53 DHS remain.  And the BAP just disappeared into a Steiner scout...

icehellion posted this 12 May 2019

I am still thinking about which faction I should select.

Warhawk posted this 14 May 2019

I am still thinking about which faction I should select.

 There's always the "generic" merc unit that lets you "have" any 'Mech that you want.

icehellion posted this 14 May 2019

I am still thinking about which faction I should select.

 There's always the "generic" merc unit that lets you "have" any 'Mech that you want.


I know but they are not fun enough.

icehellion posted this 19 May 2019

Better late than never.


icehellion posted this 19 May 2019

The unit known as the Broken Pieces is the child of the Long March but an unwanted child and a very unhappy one.

What is usually unknown is that several “small” mercenary units in service to House Liao were assigned along McCarron’s Armored Cavalry to this operation that became the legend that everyone knowns about.

Like most Capellan units, they were stripped of transport and supplies to allow for the fast and deep moves needed in the McCarron’s War. This hampered the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces in their capacity to efficiently defend of the Capellan Confederation but since the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns were taken aback by this bold raid and could not muster an efficient offensive on the Capellan front. But for the units involved in the Long March, the consequences were far more disastrous as they were caught out supplied and without any means of transport by vengeful Davion units. This resulted in several disasters and many lives destroyed.

The Broken Pieces are just that survivors of several mercenary units that were able to escape their faith and to capture a DropShip before fleeing in a rush and without any specific goal and founding an unexpected surprise.

Based on their latest experience, the mercenaries decided to increase their endurance and to sell all the advanced items that could run out of ammo while keeping their upgrades so that they could easily be downgraded again.


Command Lance :

WHR-6L Warhammer: Commander Eric Ackerman is the elected commanding officer of the Broken Pieces. A 3rd generation mercenary in service of House Liao, he just wants to get his men in safety before seeking revenge.

OSR-2C Ostroc: After several years in service of the Draconis Combine, Claude Abe fled along the other members of her unit for the Capellan Confederation, hoping a new start after difficulties with House Kurita. She is now disillusioned with everything and just wants to quit this business.

VND-1X Vindicator: Pravin Voronin is one of the Sarala twins, young Capellan eager to see adventures and not to follow the footpaths of their parents. This “treason” is no surprise for them. Pravin is unsure if they made the right choice but he doesn’t want to hurt his sister.

WSP-1L Wasp: Milena Voronin is the other Sarala twin. She is the most enthusiast about the mercenary path and is eager to keep on following it even if it means working for another employer as the Capellan Confederation.


Fire Lance:

TDR-5S Thunderbolt: Subcommander Katerina Bogdanov’s ancestor belonged to the first McCarron’s Armored Cavalry unit raised on Chesterton. For unknown reasons, he left them but kept on in the mercenary business, passing his ‘Mech still painted in the McCarron’s colors. Katerina Bogdanov is quite angered about how McCarron treated the smaller mercenary units.

CPLT-K2 Catapult: Assistant Force Leader Tushar Ishikawa is the oldest member of the survivors and has earned the unofficial nickname of Granpa (at least not in front of him). His CPLT-K2 is a pure product of the Draconis Combine, which his ancestors left for the Capellan Confederation to represent the interests of several merchant companies. He is ready to take any needed measures to ensure his survival.

WVR-6M Wolverine: Albin Barnet was a Disposed on the Marik front until he managed to capture an WVR-6M and to earn a place in a mercenary unit. His luck ran out when they were assigned to support McCarron’s Armored Cavalry. He just wants to prove to himself that his luck is still there.

STG-3R Stinger: Janie Baines comes from the Periphery and is unwilling to say much about her past or her origins. The recent tragedy she experienced reinforced her unwillingness to trust anyone.


Battle Lance:

MAD-3M Marauder: Subcommander Chinyere Argyris exiled herself from the Free Worlds League after Anton’s Revolt and the disbanding of her unit. The recent treason by House Liao just reinforced her belief that the Houses shouldn’t be trusted and her willingness to reach Solaris VII

CRD-3L Crusader: Grier Mac an Baird has inherited the maverick attitude of the typical Marion’s Highlanders. Reckless, he just seems to look for a target worth of him on the field and fight against it. This lone-wolf attitude is perhaps why he doesn’t seem that this new adventure he finds himself in is affecting him.

ENF-4R Enforcer: Cyrano Rumphius seems to reinvent his life like a true writer he often pretends to be. No one is sure where he comes from or which unit he was in. He just seems to have appeared alongside his Enforcer on the DropShip after the take-off but everyone knows that this is impossible.

WSP-1D Wasp: Lazarus Unterbrink is a survivor. He has been stationed on the Federated Suns front for what seems forever, managing to get out of fights after fights whatever the odds. He just seems happy to keep on with his good luck, wherever the winds bring him.


Command Lance

Warhammer 4/6/0, 16 DHS, 73.73% Armour, CASE, 2 ER PPC, 2 Medium Lasers, 1 SRM-6, 2 Small Lasers, 2 Flamers, Guardian ECM, CASE

Ostroc 4/6/4, 15 HS, 71.14% FF Armour, 2 Large Lasers, 3 Medium Pulse Lasers

Vindicator 4/6/4, 15 HS, 94.11% FF Armour, 1 ER PPC, 1 LRM-5 with 1 ton of ammo, 1 Medium Pulse Laser, 1 Medium Laser

Wasp 6/9/6, 10 HS, ES, 69.56% Armour, 1 SRM-4 with 1 ton of ammo, 1 Medium Laser


Fire Lance

Thunderbolt 4/6/0, 15 HS, 98.57% Armour, CASE, 1 ER Large Laser, 1 LRM-15 with 2 tons of ammo, 3 Medium Lasers, 3 Small Lasers, 2 Flamers

Catapult 4/6/4, 15 DHS, 83.41% Armour, 2 ER PPC, 2 Medium Lasers, 2 Flamers

Wolverine 5/8/5, 13 DHS, ES, 90.81% Armour, 1 PPC, 2 Medium Lasers, 1 SRM-6 with 1 ton of ammo, 1 Beagle Active Probe

Stinger 6/9/6, 10 HS, 69.56% Armour, 1 Medium Laser, 1 Small Laser, 1 Guardian ECM


 Battle Lance

Marauder 4/6/4, 15 DHS, 100% FF Armour, 2 ER Large Lasers, 2 Medium Lasers, 1 Large Pulse Laser

Crusader 4/6/4, 12 DHS, 90.99% FF Armour, 2 LRM-10 with 2 tons of ammo, 2 SRM-6 with 1 ton of ammo, 2 Medium Lasers

Enforcer 4(8)/6/4, 14 DHS, ES, 100% Armour, MASC, 1 ER PPC, 1 Large Laser, 1 Medium Pulse Laser

Wasp 8(16)/12/6, XL Engine, 10 HS, 69.56% Armour, MASC, 1 Medium Laser, 4 Small Lasers