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BT Lost Planet

Chelyabinsk, a planet on the fringe or periphery that during the chaos of the Succession Wars that suddenly lost contact with the HPG Net.  Isolated from the rest of the Inner Sphere and the Periphery this Lost Daughter of Terra is all but forgotten.  Soon after the HPG Station went off line the local COMSTAR’s COM GUARD unit sent an expedition to the planet.  The last contact with the unit was they had arrived in orbit and were making planet fall.  They were never heard from again.

The Politics of the Succession Wars and COMSTAR itself soon made the loss of communication with this planet was de-prioritized.  Eventually it was mostly forgotten.  What little that COMSTAR remembered about Chelyabinsk was a Battlemech Producing Planet.  It was one of the few they encountered that was still functioning at the time of the blackout.  As pseudo-peace or even just a lull in the Succession Wars settles over the Inner Sphere, COMSTAR’s EXPLORER CORPS and the COM GUARD want to find out what happened on Chelyabinsk.

Basic Description

A fairly temperate planet with two continents, most of the surface covered with Oceans.  The water between the two continents is known as The Jade Expanse.  The northern ocean is called The Sterile Sea.  The southern ocean is called The Tideless Waves.  The finally ocean is called The Peaceful Depths.  The western continent is called Nialand.  The eastern one is called Brezoth. 

According to COMSTAR most of the population was located on Nialand.  Nialand has two large mountain ranges.  The eastern range is known as the Macawe Highlands, which has a large coastal plain that reaches out to The Jade Expanse.  The western range is known as Lamset Mountain, which has a smaller coastal plain that reaches into The Peaceful Depths.  Between the two mountain ranges is the Disriden Plains, vast expansive grassland.  There are four major settlements on Nialand.  In the north is Krapolis, the planetary capital, which also has the largest of the two spaceports, and also the location of the COMSTAR HPG Station.  To the west on the shores of The Peaceful Depths, is Tromond, was largely a vacation location.  The eastern settlement on the shore of The Jade Expanse, this was an industrial center, known as Brusgend.  The southern settlement is also an industrial center, and known as Klathe.

There was some population on Brezoth but it was largely filled with the vast area called The Silent Wilds.  Most of Brezoth was used trials of the battlemechs produced on the planet.  The western shores of Brezoth which touches The Jade Expanse, has the only major population center of continent.   It has a small spaceport which was mainly used for transporting machines from Nialand to the proving grounds on Brezoth.  The name of this settlement is called Akata.

Chelyabinsk was fairly self-contained manufacturing base.  A whole battlemech could be manufactured from ground to finished product without outside trade.  Most of the manufacturing took place on the western continent of Nialand.


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Dark-1-2 posted this 12 September 2019

Battlemech Production

Chelyabinsk had two lines of production on the western continent of Nialand; finally assembly was largely focused on in three of the southern settlements of Klathe.  Scattered throughout Nialand are sub-component factories, and ammunition planets, they were all connected by the vast railway network that brings components to the final assembly plant. 

Krapolis: located on the shores of The Sterile Sea, the planetary capitial and first settlement, focused on harvesting the heavy metals from The Sterile Sea.  A large and complex industry of water filtration and heavy metal foundries dotted the shore.  But kept away from the dirty industry were the more palatial estates of the industrial robber barons and the government.

Tromond: The beautiful almost idyllic shores of Tromond on The Peaceful Depths were where the factory workers would retreat to enjoy some downtime.  What was hidden being the coastal ridges were the factories that manufactured the heavy machine guns and medium lasers that would be incorporated into the battlemechs.    

Brusgend: the largest by area covered of the four Nialand settlements, Brusgend ran from the shores of The Jade Expanse to the Macawe Highlands.  This dirty and overcrowded city was responsible for almost of the terrestrial materials needed in the manufacturing of the battlemechs.  The miners would strip mine the Macawe Highlands to bring the raw ore to the foundries.  From there the finished material would be formed into the base components of armor and structure for the war machines.  It was said at its height the trains ran around the clock coming in empty and leaving with material for the machines.

Klathe: Finally assembly of Locust LCT-1V, Stinger STG-2R is done.  The materials brought from the other settlements arrive here.  They are formed into the final product.  The raw sub-assemblies of internal structure form the skeletons that receive everything else here. 

Akata: on Brezoth not all functions as the gateway to the proving grounds but is the integration hub of the battlemech production.  The electronics, cockpits, heatsinks and fusion plants are manufactured here.  With the electronics being installed and calibrated here, before being unleased on the Silent Wilds for testing and calibration. 

Military Prescience

There was a portion of a Battlemech Regiment from the local Nation State.  COMSTAR tracked them as the garrison and some rebuilding units.  They quickly disintegrated and many left the planet to become mercenaries or pirates. 

Dark-1-2 posted this 12 September 2019

Theory for the Blackout  

Several theories exist for the blackout of Chelybinsk.  They range from equipment failure, to planetary conditions, pirate raids, to planet wide plague.  Since the loss of the relief operation, and the cancellation of the second relief operation, no one knows for sure.

The Relief Operation

With the loss of signal from the Chelybinsk Station the local Precentor wanted to see what was going on.  He loaded up a simple Level II onto a dropship and sent them to find out what was going on.  This mission included in the cargo of replacement parts and tech crews. 

Upon arrival in the star system the dropship detached and transitioned into orbit around Chelybinsk.  They initially sent down a signal to the Station and received no response.  Sending a signal back to the jumpship that there was no contact with the station, they were in orbit and were planning to make planet fall. 

That was the last message heard from the dropship.  The jumpship waited until they had to leave.  Upon returning to their starting point, the jumpship was planning to resupply and return to Chelybinsk.  Before they could jump out, they were ordered to another location, and never embarked another dropship to return to Chelybinsk.

This would lead to the mystery of Chelybinsk.

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Campaign Options

COMGUARD Option: Operation Homesick

As the lull in the fighting of the Succession Wars gave COMSTAR some free time the First Circuit decided to revisit the Blackout of Chelyabinsk.  They decided two put a task force with members of EXPLORER CORPS and the COM GUARDS.  After assembling what research they had on Chelybinsk, they decided to send the brand new Magellan Class Jumpship, ECV Thunderer, under the command of Precentor Persephone Alberdingk, as well as a single dropship Union Class Dropship CSV Warbride, under command of Precentor Gustaf Ready, would be carried and COM GUARS would supply a single Level II, under command of Adept Richard Hadjiev.  This operation is called Operation Homesick.

Level II

Adept Richard Hadjiev: A senior Adept waiting for an opening to command a Level III.  He is considered level headed and technically adept.


Adept Lugh McDougall: An experienced Comguard Member, who is slated to replace Adept Hadjiev when he moves on to his next command.  For this Operation he is acting as Adept Hadjiev’s second in command.


Acolyte Frits Beasley: A recon specialist for the Level II.  He’s the quiet one of the Level.


Acolyte Erfan Piper:

Acolyte Marta Berg:

Acolyte Darien Roldán:


Mercenary Option 1: Operation Talisman

COMSTAR wanting to find out what has happened on Chelybinsk and not willing to risk another COMGUARD unit has contracted with a mercenary company to investigate and make contact with Chelybinsk. 

Mission plan: Land on planet, make contact with local COMSTAR Officials if possible, and report back to jumpship the findings.  No matter what report the findings.  

The Unit can be Battlemech, Vehicle, Infantry or Combine Arms Team.  It is no larger than a Company in strength. 

Mercenary Option 2: Operation Sledgehammer

A local mercenary unit ends up at the jump point for Chelybinsk.  While waiting to recharge they pick up a localized signal.  After listening to the signal they cross reference it with the Dropship records and find it possibly a lost battlemech manufacturing planet.  They decide to land on it and see what they can salvage as a quick payday.

 The Unit can be Battlemech, Vehicle, Infantry or Combine Arms Team.  It is no larger than a Company in strength. 

Mercenary Option 3: Operation Wunderkind

An eccentric rich lord/business owner recruits a mercenary company to help him solve the Chelybinsk Mystery.  Collecting the group the client accompanies the Mercenary Company, as well as pays them three times their average rate.  The client supplies a large commercial dropship, and jumpship for this operation.   The Dropship is a Mule Class.

The Unit can be Battlemech, Vehicle, Infantry or Combine Arms Team.  It is no larger than a Company in strength. 

As well as the Wunderkind’s own lance this includes.

Inga Hadiye Moffett – (Gunnery 4/Pilot 5) – Battlemaster BLR-1G - the rich eccentric that hired the mercenary and dreamed up the mission.  Callsign “Wunderkind”

Lucio Kumar (Gunnery 3/Pilot 4) – Warhammer WHM-6R - Inga’s personal bodyguard.

Raj Riber (Gunnery 3/Pilot 4) – Wolverine WVR-1R - A former house Mechwarrior turned security mech pilot for Inga.

Hannah Woodrow (Gunnery 5/Pilot 3) – Stinger STG-3R - A close friend of Inga and a good Industrial Mech Pilot.

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Game master Options

What actually happened on Chelyabinsk.

The COMSTAR Option

The Work Angle:  COMSTAR purposely made this planet disappear and has set it up as a staging ground and training area for the eventual retaking of the Inner Sphere.  The Production lines have been upgraded.  All none locals and non-COMSTAR units hunted down to prevent the existence of the planet from being leaked.

Equipment Malfunction: The HPG Station just broke down and the relief force was lost.

The Revolt Option

The Populist Upraising: The Locals rose up against COMSTAR and stormed the HPG Station.  They killed everyone inside and destroyed all the equipment.  The Planet is now extremely xenophobic and twice as much if a COMSTAR Unit arrives on planet.

Military Coup: The local garrison or militia rose up and took over the planet.  The planet is now ruled by a military dictatorship.  All none local units will be looked at as a threat, and their equipment as additions to their strength.

Local Cult Uprising: The local religion becomes radicalized and sees COMSTAR all who support them as infidels.  An uprising occurred took over the planet.  All that opposed the Cult were put to death, and the HPG Station was destroyed.  Anyone who is from the outside is a threat to the cult and an infidel.  Infidels deserve one end, death.

The Crazy Precentor Uprising:  The HPG Precentor goes crazy and thinks Jerome Blake is speaking directly to him.  He is told that COMSTAR has corrupted his message and since this Precentor is pure of heart he was chose to start bringing COMSTAR back to the path of the righteous.  They purposely disconnected from the HPG Network, and started converting people to their ways.  All COMSTAR outsiders are greeted friendly and eventually given the choice convert or be punished.  Punishment usually means working as a salve in one of the industries until death or conversion.  All COMSTAR people are greeted as wayward brothers which they try to convert, if they don’t they are killed as apostates.

The Pirate Option

The Pirate Pleasure Planet:  A local pirate lord has taken over the planet and uses it to supply pirate bands for a fee and as a pleasure planet for pirates.  Outsiders are welcome if they pay. 

The Pirate Raid: A local pirate band destroyed the local HPG Station.  Planet is isolated.

The Plague Option

A mutation of a local virus kills most off-worlders.  Those that survive are now immune to the virus but are carriers and can’t leave the planet as the virus is virulent.

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Any thoughts and tweaks are helpful and be considered.

icehellion posted this 12 September 2019

The Clan Wolverine option?

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Dark-1-2 posted this 12 September 2019

I was thinking about a Clan option.  I just didn't know how to write it.  

Probably fall under the pirate option?

icehellion posted this 14 September 2019

I was thinking about a Clan option.  I just didn't know how to write it.  

Probably fall under the pirate option?


After reading it and giving it some thoughts, yes.

Prince posted this 15 September 2019

A Pleasure world for pirates sounds decent, but I doubt they would allow for many outsiders- it sounds more to me, like that one religious ideology in the old Periphery manual, where everything's going to hell so just have a good time?- that it could be a pleasure world under the thumb of a pirate for protection, who use the funds for other things.

but then that'd just be the MoC lololololol because why would you want people to know about your secret bang planet?

Dark-1-2 posted this 15 September 2019

Fair enough, I figured they would take by any means the local valuables, be it sex trade, gambling, weapons, or thief.  I guess my main goal is give the players as many options so they can play the world how ever they want. 

Prince posted this 16 September 2019

I would say then, the planet either needs to be in an astronomically advantageous spot (i.e. easiest to jump to, each world nearby goes through it) or needs an edge over the others, like a recharge station.