Apollo APL-3WB

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Snowjeepney posted this 20 May 2019

Apollo APL-3WB


Mass: 55 tons
Tech Base: Inner Sphere
Chassis Config: Biped
Rules Level: Tournament Legal
Era: Jihad
Tech Rating/Era Availability: E/X-X-E-A
Production Year: 3076
Cost: 5,137,423 C-Bills
Battle Value: 1,386
Chassis: Earthwerks APL I Standard
Power Plant: DAV 220 Fusion Engine
Walking Speed: 43.2 km/h
Maximum Speed: 64.8 km/h
Jump Jets: Chilton 360
    Jump Capacity: 120 meters
Armor: Durallex Ferro-Fibrous w/ CASE
    2 Krupp MML-9s
    3 Diverse Optics ER Medium Lasers
    1 Diverse Optics Type 10P Small Pulse Laser
Manufacturer: Earthwerks Incorporated
    Primary Factory: Keystone
Communications System: Neil 6000
Targeting and Tracking System: Garret A6


During Operation SCOUR, the Word of Blake forces were slowly being pushed back
by the Allied Coalition forces led by Devlin Stone.  The Blakists were throwing
everything at their enemies, including actual kitchen sinks, and while the
Coalition Forces did suffer a massive amount of damage, the Blakists suffered
just as much, if not worse.

In desperation, the Blakists resorted to deploying some of their Protectorate
Militia Divisions, with battlemechs modified and/or upgraded with the latest
technology available.  One of those modified battlemechs was the APL-3WB Apollo.

Unlike the original Apollo, which was intended to pummel enemies from long-range, the
APL-3WB model is a bit more flexible, although it seems to be better suited for urban combat. 
Rather than having an LRM-15 in each side torso, this Apollo variant replaces those launchers with an MML-9 in each side torso, with each launcher supplied with one ton of LRM ammo, and one ton of SRM ammo.Supporting these launchers are an
ER Medium Laser on each arm, an ER Medium Laser in the center torso, and a Small Pulse Laser in the center torso as well. However, with only ten double heat sinks,
the APL-3WB is susceptible to heat issues. For protection, the Apollo APL-3WB has 10.5 tons
of Ferro-Fibrous armor, and all of the ammunition is CASE-protected.  This variant of the Apollo is also more mobile, as each leg was fitted withtwo Chilton 360 jump jets.

Battle History:
During the Blakist counterassault on Dyev in December 3076, the Blakists' Third Bryant,
First Lipton, and Second New Earth Protectorate Militia Divisions all deployed several
Apollo APL-3WB battlemechs as part of their forces.  Both the  battlemechs and the
Blakist units that deployed them were destroyed by the Ghost Bears.

The Apollo APL-3WB variant is mainlydeployed in Word of Blake Protectorate Militias,
primarily for defensive purposes, with the exception of the disastrous Blakist counterattack
in Dyev.


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Snowjeepney posted this 20 May 2019

Battlemech Stats:


Equipment           Type                         Rating                   Mass  
Internal Structure: Standard                      91 points                5.50
Engine:             Fusion Engine                220                      10.00
    Walking MP: 4
    Running MP: 6
    Jumping MP: 4 Standard
    Jump Jet Locations: 2 LL, 2 RL                                         2.00
Heat Sinks:         Double Heat Sink             10(20)                    0.00
    Heat Sink Locations: 1 LT, 1 RT
Gyro:               Standard                                               3.00
Cockpit:            Standard                                               3.00
    Actuators:      L: SH+UA+LA+H    R: SH+UA+LA+H
Armor:              Ferro-Fibrous                AV - 185                 10.50
    Armor Locations: 1 LT, 1 RT, 6 LA, 6 RA
    CASE Locations: 1 LT, 1 RT                                             1.00

                                                      Internal       Armor      
                                                      Structure      Factor     

                                                Head     3            9         
                                        Center Torso     18           28        
                                 Center Torso (rear)                  8         
                                           L/R Torso     13           18        
                                    L/R Torso (rear)                  8         
                                             L/R Arm     9            18        
                                             L/R Leg     13           26        

Equipment                                 Location    Heat    Critical    Mass  

ER Medium Laser                              RA        5         1         1.00
ER Medium Laser                              LA        5         1         1.00
MML-9                                        RT        5         5         6.00
MML-9                                        LT        5         5         6.00
Small Pulse Laser                            CT        2         1         1.00
ER Medium Laser                              CT        5         1         1.00
@MML-9 (LRM) (13)                            RT        -         1         1.00
@MML-9 (SRM) (11)                            RT        -         1         1.00
@MML-9 (LRM) (13)                            LT        -         1         1.00
@MML-9 (SRM) (11)                            LT        -         1         1.00

                                            Free Critical Slots: 3

BattleForce Statistics
MV      S (+0)  M (+2)  L (+4)  E (+6)   Wt.   Ov   Armor:      6    Points: 14
4j         3       3       1       0      2     0   Structure:  5
Special Abilities: CASE, SRCH, ES, SEAL, SOA, IF 1



Prince posted this 21 May 2019

Hm, not bad but kinda normal. Truth be told, I'd drop one of the MMLs and an ER Medium for a full LRM15 for more ranged damage- anything comes close and you're still dumping 9 SRMs into them.