Is this a good SLDF Mech Company

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Dark-1-2 posted this 29 January 2021

I'm working on the first story in my anthology.  Also playing with a random unit generator.  This was the SLDF Company I came up with.  

2 Questions.

1) Is this a good example of a SLDF Mech Company

2) What role could it be used in.

Please feel free to comment and suggest different battlemechs or Lance confirations/names

1st Lance

Sling SL-1G

Sentinal STN-3L

Panther PNT-8Z

Stinger STG-3Gb


2nd Lance

Starslater STC-2C

Wyvern WVE-5Nsl

Phoenix Hawk PXH-2

Galahad GLH-1D


3rd Lance

Thunderbolt TDR-5S (can't be changed out)

Champion CHP-1N

Marauder MAD-1R

Warhammer WHM-6R

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icehellion posted this 08 February 2021

SLDF units were mostly made of one model.


If you go for a more split approach, you could have the classical Scout Lance, Fire Support Lance, Command/Battle Lance.

I would try to group 'Mechs with the same ground speed.

Dark-1-2 posted this 08 February 2021

I think I divided it by weight roughly.  I'll look into the speed. 

Warhawk posted this 19 January 2022

It also depends on the makeup of the parent regiment. Was it a Royal command or “Regular” army? IH is correct in that the company would be “pure” in that it would usually contain only a single type of ‘Mech. Only “Buddy Regiments” featured different kinds of ‘Mech types in lance groupings (usually because of friends who graduated from the various Service Academies wanted to serve together). This was a common formation type in the various Independent Regiments of the SLDF.

I’m back after way too long and the information above comes from the old Star League sourcebook.

Rknight posted this 17 March 2023

I seem to remember the SDLF had a lot of combined arms regiments.

I do agree about the speed.