• Last Post 22 August 2023
Cuchulainn posted this 03 July 2023

So, Thunder's posts earlier this year and the general BT renaissance have inspired me reintroduce my 17 year old to the game. I had not previously delved into the MekHQ companion product, but I started exploring it for the purposes of tracking a small merc unit in the 4th Succession War that I was having him play in while he was reading the Warrior Trilogy, with us playing scenarios in megamek cause the crunchy/math-y bits turned him off.

I haven't dived to deeply into the Against the Bot/AtB scenario system, but what do you guys think? Maybe I'm just not very good at the game, since I'm real rusty, but it seems from what I recall from the earlier splatbooks and scenarios, those were pretty well balanced, but some of these fights, I swear are just designed to punch you in the nether regions, giving the bot a 2 or 3:1 advantage in BV. 

From just a lore perspective, I am just the right kind of neuro-divergent  to on the side build out an entire RCT (I'm about a 3rd of the way done stating out the 4th Deneb Light Cavalry circa 3062) using RAT rolls, so I like that part lol.

Anyways, interested in what y'all might think or if there's a better way than what I'm doing.

Cmdr_Kronos_Riker posted this 22 August 2023

I use MekHQ a bit to test ideas with the bot.  Sometimes against a bot is good to shake out the 'rust' 

I'm still surprised my Island map set made it into MekHQ/ MegaMek.