Ox Cart Battle trailer

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Thunder posted this 27 September 2016

The Basic stats,

200 tons tracked trailer using Omni-Technology.  Control equipment and a 1 ton fusion engine are retained so it may operate independently from its tractor.  1 Ton of standard armor on the base chassis.  Remaining is 148 tons of capacity.

The Prime configuration Carries a Cruise Missile - 90 with a single missile and a lift hoist to facilitate reloads from additional ammo trailers.

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icehellion posted this 27 September 2016

And what is the tractor?

Thunder posted this 27 September 2016

That is an interesting question. Especially since there are about. 3 different sets of rules for tracrors.

icehellion posted this 28 September 2016

I must have missed that.

Thunder posted this 28 September 2016

3 basic sets I know.
1.  Found in TW IIRC.  Tractor must be bigger or equal to the trailer in size.

2. Tractor engine rating divided by total mass for recalculated movement.

3. Alpha strike.  Tractor can pull any trailers up to its size +1.


Given I'm aiming for AS, that means I could use a 60 ton tractor to pull a 200 ton trailer.

In reality, the tractor that is intended to be used with this trailer is a 200 ton fuel cell powered design.  Will go refigure out the stats for it later.


Edit:  Hmmmm...  A 40 ton tractor 39 ton trailer combo seems to be an interestingly exploitable combo for alpha strike.  Next project for later.  Need to get back to the unoriginal boating schemes of the Ox cart...

Thunder posted this 29 September 2016

The A configuration...  Arrow IV!  6 of them.  Why 6?  Because if I went with the 7 I originally wanted to use the Point value goes above 99 and the card generator on the MUL begins to disbelieve me.


Secondary things beyond the arrow IV launchers.

How about armor?  As may of been noticed earlier there is only 1 ton of armor on the base chassis.  The solution is Modular armor and all those spare location slots not being used.  20 tons of modular armor adds a nice 200 points of armor, which converts to 7 points of AS armor. (Why 7... Because 8 also breaks that PV limit...)

Other tonnage is wasted on lots of ammo, and 12 tons of infantry bays.  Figure that having forward observers available is a good Idea.  or something to stand back and help guard the trailer.


And TAG... just in case you need some precision ordinance up close.

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Thunder posted this 15 November 2017

Just working on variants and their weapon counts.  Its still a massive amount of weapons boating.  I don't see much point in using a diverse weapons load out when this particular unit is supposed to have support units about it that can cover operational holes.


A: More Arrow IV then before... 9 Arrow IV (Because you can kill an atlas with that...) TAG, 3 Modular armor...
B: Balistics... 6 UAC-20, ammo, 33 modular armor.
C: LRM's. 12 Lrm-15 13 LRM-5.  17 Modular armor
D: SRM's... 40 SRM-6  1 modular armor...  Because why have 1 more point of armor when you can have 1 more point of SRM damage...

AC and Flak are still needed.  Maybe something with a vehicle bay or two and drone control systems.  Other suggestions?

Prince posted this 04 December 2017

 148 tons is enough for a single Cruise missile/50 and 3 missiles, with 18 tons remaining for ancillaries.