Wheeled Heavy APC HAPC 3070

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magermh posted this 18 October 2019

Wheeled Heavy APC HAPC 3070

Rules Level: Advanced Rules

Technology Base: Inner Sphere

Chassis Config: Wheeled

Production Year: 3069

Extinct By: Never

Chassis: Standard

Power Plant: 180 Fuel Cell Engine

Cruising Speed: 108.0 km/h

Maximum Speed: 162.0 km/h

Armor: Heavy Ferro-Fibrous


 1 Small Laser

 1 Infantry Compartment (3.0 tons)


Primary Factory:  

Communications System:  

Targeting and Tracking System:  

Technology Base: Inner Sphere 20.00 tons

Chassis Config: Wheeled Cost: 323,125 C-Bills

BV2: 201 Tech Rating/Era Availability: E/X-X-E-D

Equipment     Mass

Internal Structure: Fully Amphibious Standard 4.0

Engine: 180 Fuel-Cell Engine 8.5

Cruise MP: 10

Flank MP: 15

Heat Sinks: 1 - Single (1 in engine) 0.0

Control Equipment:   1.0

Lift Equipment:    

Power Amplifier: 0.50

Turret: 0.5

Armor: 39 points - Heavy Ferro-Fibrous 2.00




Front:   10

Left/Right:   8/8

Turret:   10

Rear:   3


Weapons and Ammo Location Heat Criticals Tonnage

Small Laser T 1 1 0.50

Infantry Compartment (3.0 tons) BD 0 3 3.00

BattleForce Statistics

MV S (+0) M (+2) L (+4) E (+6) Wt. OV Armor: 1 Points: 2

10w 1 0 0 0 1 0 Structure: 1  

Special Abilities: ENE, EE, TUR(1/0/0)


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magermh posted this 18 October 2019

The HTML tables have issues translating to the wiki format. They look fine with post under the source code but after post seem to brake down into this format.


Looks better other wise. Will continue to play with it to get a desired format. 

Thunder posted this 20 October 2019

Laser and turret removed in favor of more armor would be my goto choice.

Prince posted this 21 October 2019

Yeah, I put rear armor and being able to tank a PPC shot as being better than the small. Heck, dumping the turret alone would allow you to get 10 on the sides and 9 rear- with a half ton left over you could upgrade the small laser to a machine gun and get more anti-infantry firepower though you'd only have one facing.

Ooh! Since we're fully amphibious what about environmental sealing! We got 3 tons of dudes with guns, why not be able to work anywhere?

magermh posted this 15 November 2019

I wanted to reduce a kill chance for ammo explosions. Good think this is just a training for me to start reuploading my designs again. All have made good idea's thank you for making these idea's possible.