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Prince posted this 31 August 2017

Good on PGI for making their own Succession war's mech. I intended to make this like the Von Rohr's- a 65 tonner moving 5/8 to purposefully hinder it a bit, and even worse giving most of the 'mechs ammo weapons.

Roughneck RGH-2N

Mass: 65 tons
Tech Base: Inner Sphere
Chassis Config: Biped
Rules Level: Introductory
Era: Age of War/Star League
Tech Rating/Era Availability: D/C-E-D-A
Production Year: 2750
Cost: 5,989,060 C-Bills
Battle Value: 1,067

Chassis: Unknown Standard
Power Plant: Unknown 325 Fusion Engine
Walking Speed: 54.0 km/h
Maximum Speed: 86.4 km/h
Jump Jets: None
Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor: Unknown Standard Armor
1 Autocannon/10
2 SRM-4s
Manufacturer: Unknown
Primary Factory: Unknown
Communications System: Unknown
Targeting and Tracking System: Unknown

Equipment Type Rating Mass
Internal Structure: Standard 104 points 6.50
Engine: Fusion Engine 325 23.50
Walking MP: 5
Running MP: 8
Jumping MP: 0
Heat Sinks: Single Heat Sink 10 0.00
Gyro: Standard 4.00
Cockpit: Standard 3.00
Actuators: L: SH+UA+LA+H R: SH+UA+LA+H
Armor: Standard Armor AV - 144 9.00

Internal Armor
Structure Factor
Head 3 9
Center Torso 21 20
Center Torso (rear) 7
L/R Torso 15 17
L/R Torso (rear) 6
L/R Arm 10 11
L/R Leg 15 20

Equipment Location Heat Critical Mass
Autocannon/10 RT 3 7 12.00
SRM-4 LT 3 1 2.00
SRM-4 LA 3 1 2.00
@SRM-4 (25) CT - 1 1.00
@AC/10 (20) RT - 2 2.00
Free Critical Slots: 35

BattleForce Statistics
MV S (+0) M (+2) L (+4) E (+6) Wt. Ov Armor: 5 Points: 11
5 3 3 0 0 3 0 Structure: 5
Special Abilities: SRCH, ES, SEAL, SOA, AC 1/1/0, SRM 1/1/0

Prince posted this 31 August 2017

Close-range version of the Roughneck, attempting to make an intotech 5/8 65
tonner useful. It would be considered a "failure" in the succession wars era
simply because it was completely ammunition-dependant.

The major variant replaced the autocannon in some forces who had no good access
(like the draconis combine). The FWL replaced the AC/10 for paired large lasers
with 4 extra heat sinks- The DCs variant replaces the gun for a single PPC and
a medium laser in the left arm, while adding another SRM and ton of ammo. 3
more heat sinks are added.

The FedSuns developed a failed variant attempting to use twin AC/5 with two
arm-mounted medium lasers. With only 20 rounds, the RGH-FC refits were
cancelled. Owners of this variant later built the RGH-FL variant while aped the
ancient Swordsman and Shadowhawk; a single SRM4 was kept and an AC5 remained in
the right shoulder, while a single large laser was added. An extra ton of armor
was added, and one heat sink was placed.

The Elsies attempted to build a replacement for the hunchback. An AC/20 with
two tons of ammo were added with a single medium laser, and a Bical SRM2-pack
was added for inferno munitions, but many pilots reuse an SRM 4 pack.

The Periphery has likely built the greatest variant of the RGH-1N; the -P is
made from small workshops spread across the Magistracy and Outworlds. Replacing
the Autocannon for a single PPC, 6 medium lasers is spread across the arms and
chassis. Two machine guns and a single flamer are added, and the last weight is
used for 2 more tons of armor and two more heat sinks.