Self-balancing Scooter

  • Last Post 06 February 2017
Luxan posted this 04 February 2017

I was playing around and testing the lower limits of the support vehicle construction rules and had a silly idea. By stretching the rules just a bit I could make something like a Segway. So, just for giggles:

Type: Self-balancing Scooter
Technology Base: Inner Sphere
Movement Type: Wheeled (Small)
    Cruise Speed: 10.8 km/h
    Flanking Speed: 21.6 km/h
Equipment Rating: D/C-E-D
Cost: 40 C-bills
Mass (with rider): 107 kg

Equipment                   Type                 Mass  
Chassis/Controls:                                   4
Engine:                     Electric (Battery)      2
    Cruise MP:  1
    Flank MP:   2
Fuel (Battery):             1,000 km                1
Armor:                      0                       0

              Internal    Armor
              Structure   Factor
    Front         1         0
    R/L Side     1/1       0/0
    Rear          1         0

Equipment                 Location     Spaces    Mass  
None                         -           -        -

Crew: 1
Cargo: 100 kg standard
Notes: Features the Monocycle and Ultra-Light Chassis Modifications. Seating was not
installed as the rider simply stands on the device. The cargo capacity represents the
weight of the rider, so the device itself only masses 7 kg.

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Thunder posted this 06 February 2017

Its the battery that is most terrifying.  50 hours continuous operation one 1 charge.  Weights only 1 kg.  I kinda want to know how high its energy density is.

Luxan posted this 06 February 2017

It is a bit absurd. Mainly because the battery size needed to travel a given range is proportional to the square of the Cruise MP. I don't think that's consistent with actual physics.

Although, the same battery could give you about 20 shots with a standard laser rifle. So, it might be internally consistent at least.