101 things I'm no longer allowed to do at the NAIS

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warlock posted this 25 October 2016

Thanks for the info Cuhulainn.

And i will stat things off.

1- You are not allowed to paint the Urbanmech to look like R2-D2.


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Captain posted this 1 weeks ago

  1. Using battlearmor for the campus football games, while intriguing, is strongly discouraged as a waste of resources. 20a. No, stripping the suit of its armaments changes nothing.

Snowjeepney posted this 2 weeks ago

19.  Mechwarriors are not allowed to "Go Commando" while piloting a Commando.

Cmdr_Kronos_Riker posted this 19 March 2017

18. Use of captured Clan Genetic Research to create your personal army/Harem of Anthro-Femmes is Not allowed. (Besides, it takes too long for them to mature, anyway.)

Madlizardx posted this 10 March 2017

17. I am no longer allowed to use captured clan iron wombs to construct a personal harem.

icehellion posted this 10 March 2017

16. Painting everything Blake

Snowjeepney posted this 09 March 2017

15. Put on horns on a Viking battlemech.

Cmdr_Kronos_Riker posted this 05 March 2017

14. Calling your instructor a 'Brutal Clanner' for having strict rules for class is disrespectful, especially ones that used to serve on the Front during the Clan Invasion.

icehellion posted this 24 December 2016

13. Launch a campaign against ACs saying that a Lord of Light PPC is better.

Cmdr_Kronos_Riker posted this 22 December 2016

12.Unauthorized 'Borrowing' of NAIS transports and/or equipment for Party Supply runs is prohibited.

Samak posted this 08 November 2016

11.  The Liao embassy is no longer to be referred to as "that big chinese take out place."

GreyGriffin posted this 08 November 2016

10. Repurpose Omni heat sinks to cool my GPU.

icehellion posted this 05 November 2016

9. Ask to be allowed to "play" with the Helm Memory Core

warlock posted this 05 November 2016

8. If anyone tries to use inferno gel to give someone a " hot foot" they will be dismissed from NAIS.

Cmdr_Kronos_Riker posted this 01 November 2016

7. Replacing washable paint rounds for the infamous 'UberBlue' rounds for 'Live-Fire' practices is not Allowed.

warlock posted this 27 October 2016

6. It is no longer allow to make custom paint job on mechs, after the Commando is go commando incident.

Thunder posted this 27 October 2016

Well now I'm having this horrible mental image of the laser trying to shoot the target even on a near miss a la weberian laser warheads.

Madlizardx posted this 27 October 2016

5(?). I'm no longer allowed access the weapons lockers since launching the entire store of ER Micro Lasers out of the test Heavy Gauss rifle.

icehellion posted this 26 October 2016

Strictly prohibited are the following

  • Wings on Dragons


Why? They look so funny with.

Cuchulainn posted this 26 October 2016

Strictly prohibited are the following

  • Appropriately sized cowboy hats for Quickdraws
  • Wings on Dragons

warlock posted this 26 October 2016

4. Cooling pod are NOT to be used to cool beer down for a party!

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