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Headhunter posted this 10 December 2016

So I was messing about with a merc unit on megamek, on a full salvage run, when I wound up blowing out the CT of a Quickdraw.  I managed to salvage it, but just stripped the weapons and kept the parts for later use on whatever 60-tonner I might need it for.  Then I wound up doing the opposite (leaving ONLY a CT) on a Rifleman a long while later.  Thus some of my beloved tinkering commenced.  While officially a franken-mech, the majority of its parts are from a Quickdraw, thus I gave it a QKD-1RVV name.

   "Now Mara was the top kick in The Ravens tech department, and she ran things her way.  Plus, we had plenty of room on the Trojans for storage, so when she told me to strip the weapons out of that gut-shot Quickie, I did just that.  Then we hung it's parts up in a storage area for later use if needed.  Waste-not, want-not was her motto, so the bays assigned to our department tended to look like well-organised junk yards.  Then a few months later, they haul in the CT of a Rifleman.  Seeing as we'd just redone another Rifleman to something Mara considered more respectable, I'm thinking she'd be wanting this one rebuilt.  Nope.  Soon as battle damage repair was done, and we had some leave time, she ordered me to help her out in the parts-bay.  Sure enough, I saw the forlorn-looking head of the Quickdraw looking back at me from the pile of its stripped-down limbs and parts.  We still hadn't used it's Omicron 4000 lasers, so we grabbed those next, then a couple of Starlight LRM10 launchers we'd stripped off of some tanks I think.  "We still have it's Delta Dart here."  I mentioned, and she nodded but said,"yeah, but we need a second one.  I'm allowed to try out stuff on my own time, but I don't abuse it by ordering parts until I'm sure I have a good reason.  And doing targeting work on two different systems is more trouble than it's worth."  After I'd brought all the parts to a spare bay left over from when this thing had been a pirate craft, she let me go to get some leave time in.  I can't deny that sharing the planetary celebrations of how we'd recently ambushed those pirates was tempting, but this was just too interesting to miss out on.  "If you don't mind my saying boss, you could probably use a hand on the grunt work here, and I'm just damned curious of what you have planned. Mind if I help out?"  She gave me a huge smile, linked a second data pad to hers, and told me how she wanted the arms refitted.  We got to work and a couple days later, when everyone else was dragging in from the celebrations, we snagged em for painting work on our little side-project while we caught a cat-nap.  Mara wasn't about to show her creation to the captain without a little rest and some clean-up.  She also left orders for some folks to get to work forming some new plates the thing would wear after we made sure it worked as was.  No way was she going to let her new baby get blown up due to thin armor!             -- Tech Sgt. Wallis McCromb

Quickdraw QKD-1RVV 

60 ton   Tech 1

Movement    4/6/4   (240 engine, fusion) 

Gyro: standard 

Heat Sinks 14

Internal 99

Armor 200/201

                        Internal          Armor

CT                     20                  30/9

RT/LT               14/14              22/6  /  22/6

RA/LA               10/10             20/20

RL/LL               14/14             28/28


4x Medium Laser (2 in LA, 2 in RA) 

LRM 10 and 12 Loads  LT

LRM 10 and 12 Loads  RT  

Jump Jets: 4, 2 each in LT and RT

Heat sinks 14, 9 in engine, 1 in CT, 2 in LL, 2 in RL










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Headhunter posted this 10 December 2016

I initially tried to copy the text version from Megamek lab but this thing didn't like the format I guess, so I just had to hand-type it in, using a few shortcuts.  Hope it's clear enough, and at least semi-legible  Comments/suggestions welcomed.  

icehellion posted this 11 December 2016

A FrankenMech?

Headhunter posted this 15 December 2016

to a degree.  Under repairs and mods, it states that the replacement sections need to be the same weight but don't have to be from the same mech, unless you are using the actual Frankenmech rules.  I suppose it's a cheap run-around for replacing an engine with a smaller one, but I was going with the parts I had.  Basicly, it's a heavily armored Whitworth with an extra laser, but it can fill a function as a general purpose machine for my merc group.