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Original_Lucho posted this 3 weeks ago

battlemech render


I've got the art- this is the first render- of a new ḿech. The idea is yet another IS attempt to emulate the iconic clan heavy omnimechs. Mixing elements of the Loki, Thor, and Nova Cat the Dark Age mech does show how far the IS has advanced technologically.

No official name (although I'm leaning toward HN-001 Hyena ) nor fluff, but I do have some initial stats:

Hyena HN-001
IS TW non-box set
65 tons 
BV: 1,535
Cost: 15,177,250 C-bills

Movement: 5/8
Engine: 325 XL
Heat Sinks: 10 [20]
Gyro: XL Gyro

Internal: 104 (Reinforced)
Armor: 208/211 (Heavy Ferro-Fibrous)
                     Internal    Armor
Center Torso               21       30
Center Torso (rear)                  9
Right Torso                15       24
Right Torso (rear)                   6
Left Torso                 15       24
Left Torso (rear)                    6
Right Arm                  10       20
Left Arm                   10       20
Right Leg                  15       30
Left Leg                   15       30

Weapon                         Loc  Heat
Snub-Nose PPC                   RA    10
Rotary AC/2                     LA     1
SRM 4                           LT     3
SRM 4                           HD     3
SRM 4                           RT     3

Ammo                           Loc Shots
Rotary AC/2 Ammo                LA    45
Rotary AC/2 Ammo                LA    45
SRM 4 Ammo                      LT    25
SRM 4 Inferno Ammo              LT    25

Equipment                      Loc
Reinforced                     None
CASE                            LT

How would you stat this ḿech based on the art?

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Original_Lucho posted this 2 weeks ago

Another shot, with some extra work on a few areas

Original_Lucho posted this 3 weeks ago

Here's another render with different gunpods.

Snowjeepney posted this 3 weeks ago

Thanks.  I tried it on my Linebacker III submission,... and it worked; just had to add a model release form.


Sadly, I cannot make original designs just like; just modified designs.

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Original_Lucho posted this 3 weeks ago

I link from another site (deviant art, to be exact). It's still kind of a pain, the formatting isn't easy...


Snowjeepney posted this 3 weeks ago

How do you upload the pictures?

Original_Lucho posted this 3 weeks ago

Look at the original Loki, MadCat, or Marauder: all of them have spindly gunpods for arms. You might say that the IS copied the clan mech to the letter

Here's another possibility for the stats. This keeps the same weapon array, but on a faster, lighter, albeit flimsier chassis

Hyena HN-002 (lightweight)
IS TW non-box set
60 tons 
BV: 1,448
Cost: 14,300,000 C-bills

Movement: 6/9
Engine: 360 XL
Heat Sinks: 10 [20]
Gyro: XL Gyro

Internal: 99 (Endo-Steel)
Armor: 197/201 (Ferro-Fibrous)
                     Internal    Armor
Center Torso               20       30
Center Torso (rear)                  8
Right Torso                14       22
Right Torso (rear)                   6
Left Torso                 14       22
Left Torso (rear)                    6
Right Arm                  10       20
Left Arm                   10       20
Right Leg                  14       27
Left Leg                   14       27

Weapon                         Loc  Heat
SRM 4                           LT     3
SRM 4                           HD     3
SRM 4                           RT     3
Rotary AC/2                     LA     1
Snub-Nose PPC                   RA    10

Ammo                           Loc Shots
SRM 4 Ammo                      LT    25
SRM 4 Inferno Ammo              LT    25
Rotary AC/2 Ammo                LA    45
Rotary AC/2 Ammo                LA    45

Equipment                      Loc
CASE                            LT

icehellion posted this 3 weeks ago

Or 4 Machine Guns together?


I have a problem with the arms: they seem much more fragile than the rest of your 'Mech.