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icehellion posted this 09 October 2016

I think the title says it all.

Who's in?

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Thunder posted this 09 October 2016

Do Sayeth thine quest.

icehellion posted this 09 October 2016

Do you come from another century?

Thunder posted this 09 October 2016

Actually yes. As do you. Have to find some younglings to find natives off this century.

icehellion posted this 10 October 2016

Actually yes. As do you. Have to find some younglings to find natives off this century.

I meant from earlier than the last one.

Falkwulf posted this 11 October 2016

What kind of Contest ICE?

icehellion posted this 11 October 2016

Once where I am not able to do what I ask myself

I have the fluff for a Ship but this is not my strong part, so I would ask you to redesign what someone did for me, making it more likely to be used in the fluff context or create it from scratch.

Headhunter posted this 13 October 2016

Not sure how much I can do with advanced tech, but even I'd give it a shot.  Show us the current one and tell us what you want changed about it. 

icehellion posted this 17 October 2016

I will post everything tomorrow.

icehellion posted this 18 October 2016

The Kogge is a fine example of what happens when the military stops listening to its own needs for those of others, specifically the merchants. This problem, common in most States through history, was never more blatant than in the early Lyran Commonwealth when Alistair Marsden, 2nd Archon of the Commonwealth, ordered a military build-up of the nation armed forces.
Not trusting the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces to protect their expeditions and knowing well that this call was also made to heal the wounds opened by “The Crusher”, the different trading companies of the formerly independent Federation of Skye “convinced” several officers at the Quartermaster corps to order a new design, one that would be able to protect their precious convoys and help them in their exploration expeditions.
Their plan went well until they tried to pull strings once more to have these ships assigned permanently to them. Several officers they had approached at the Commonwealth Navy Department just went to the Judge Advocate General Department, which lead an investigation and turned the whole thing up before putting an end to its production.
Designed with escort duties in mind, the Kogge (named after a German trading association workhorse ship of Earth) is a ship that might try to do too many things at the same time and that in a true Lyran way is too big for what it intents to do.

At 650,000 tons, this Destroyer is focused on being the shepherd and the protector of smaller,  Jump and DropShips. To perform its task, it was fitted with a massive engine allowing it to react quicker than its charges or its preys and an all energy firepower to deal with the long operations it was designed for.
Some other trade-offs also made it low on firepower when compared to other WarShips, one of them being the lack of Heat Sinks to fire all its weapons at the same time. However, the Kogge has an all-around firepower against all kinds of targets with 18 Naval PPC, 54 Naval Lasers grouped together in pod batteries all along the ship and some 24 Large Lasers to deal with the smaller opponents.
To back it up, it can launch 2 Aerospace Fighters Squadrons and carries a complete Company of Marines to deal with boarding actions.

Its huge autonomy (energy weapons, huge cargo bay for an escort ship, water and food for more than 1.5 years) along with the DropShip collars makes it perfectly suited for deep space operations and long raids with little worries other than replacing damaged amour plating.

The only mistake not to make is to try to think of it as a true BattleShip, it has the reach, speed, and manoeuvrability to make it work. The Kogge crews quickly discovered that if they could dictate the range and closing speed, their ships could do very well.

Battle History:
Apart from some skirmishes against pirates or raiders, the Kogge saw no fighting during its operational history in Lyran service. The situation was completely reversed during its campaigns under the different Periphery flags where by mere bad luck or lack of resources, the Kogge became involved in several heavy battles against the Star League Navy on nearly all the fronts.
For example, 2 of them fought at Ridgebrook where their speed and weapons made them perfectly suited to the DropShips hunting tactics displayed by the Concordat Navy there but none of them left the system having been destroyed by the overwhelming firepower of the Star League Fleet.
The Kogge also served with distinction in the raids against supply lines that were the trademark of the Canopian Navy until they were destroyed alongside the rest of the MAF Navy at Thurrock.
The situation in the Rim Worlds Republic was more complex as around half of its navy wasn’t operation and the only Kogge not in a shipyard at that time was destroyed at Newton Shoals along with the rest of the RWR Navy but not before, like at Ridgebrook, showing how effective the design could be against smaller threats.

Apart from several retrofits of their electronics, sensors and communications systems and probably because of their specialisation, the Kogge managed to get through its operational history without any major upgrade.

Notable Vessels:
Only 12 Koggen (German plural of Kogge) were built before the LCAF found out what had happened and cancelled the project.

LCS Danzig => MCS Nagappatinam
LCS Thorn => MCS Cartagena
LCS Hamburg => RWRS Athens
LCS Dortmund => RWRS Bergen
LCS Lübeck => TCS Saint-Malo
LCS Rostock => TCS Santiago de Cuba
LCS Bremen => TCS Belle-Isle
LCS Magdeburg => TCS Manila
LCS Erfurt => TCS Aigues-Mortes
LCS Köln => TCS Pondichéry
LCS Osnabrück => TCS La Coruña
LCS Visby => TCS Cádiz

The Kogge saw a two parts career while first serving in the Lyran Commonwealth Navy for escorting duties and then being sold to the Periphery States to bolster their navies and help them fighting off pirates and similar threads.
In spite of the Taurian Concordat buying 8 of the available ships, the Kogge never became a popular WarShip in their Taurian Navy as its bays weren't suited for their peculiar Aerospace Fighters organisation.
However, those who served on-board found it perfectly suited to their missions and one of them Space Master Adam Natchez even went as far as requesting that they only operate in groups of 3 vessels to be able to bring the full might of an Aerospace Fighter Division on their opponents.
However, his call was not heard before the Reunification War.

icehellion posted this 18 October 2016


                    AeroTech 2 Vessel Technical Readout

Class/Model/Name:  Kogge
Tech:              Inner Sphere / 3067
Vessel Type:       WarShip
Rules:             Level 2, Standard design
Rules Set:         AeroTech2

Mass:              650,000 tons
K-F Drive System:  (Unknown)
Length:            701 meters
Sail Diameter:     1,079 meters
Power Plant:       Standard
Safe Thrust:       4
Maximum Thrust:    6
Armor Type:        Standard
   18 Heavy NPPC
   28 NL45
   26 NL55
   24 Large Laser
Class/Model/Name:  Kogge
Mass:              650,000 tons

Equipment:                                                            Mass 
Power Plant, Drive & Control:                                      156,000.00
Thrust:  Safe Thrust: 4
      Maximum Thrust: 6
Kearny-Fuchida Hyperdrive:  Compact (Integrity = 14)               294,125.00
Jump Sail: (Integrity = 4)                                              62.00
Structural Integrity: 70                                            45,500.00
Total Heat Sinks:    5,385 Single                                    4,782.00
Fuel & Fuel Pumps:                                                  21,768.00
Bridge, Controls, Radar, Computer & Attitude Thrusters:              1,625.00
Fire Control Computers:                                                   .00
Food & Water:  (540 days supply)                                     1,296.00
Armor Type:  Standard  (406 total armor pts)                           909.00
                           Capital Scale Armor Pts
   Location:                            L / R
   Fore:                                 70
   Fore-Left/Right:                   70/70
   Aft-Left/Right:                    70/70
   Aft:                                  56

   Bay 1:  Fighters (12) with 4 doors                                1,800.00
   Bay 2:  Small Craft (6) with 2 doors                              1,200.00
   Bay 3:  Cargo (1) with 2 doors                                    6,029.00

DropShip Capacity:  3 Docking Hardpoints                             3,000.00
Grav Decks #1 - 2:  (95-meter diameter)                                100.00
Escape Pods:  80 (7 tons each)                                         560.00

Crew and Passengers:
     44 Officers (44 minimum)                                          440.00
    131 Crew (131 minimum)                                             917.00
     76 Gunners (76 minimum)                                           532.00
     91 2nd Class Passengers                                           637.00
     84 Marines                                                        420.00
     54 Bay Personnel                                                     .00
Weapons and Equipment      Loc        SRV    MRV    LRV    ERV  Heat    Mass
4 Heavy NPPC               Nose        60     60     60     60  900 12,000.00
4 NL45                     Nose        18     18     18     18  280  3,600.00
4 NL55                     Nose        22     22     22     22  340  4,400.00
3 Large Laser              Nose     2(24)  2(24)     --     --   24     15.00
2 Heavy NPPC               FL/R        30     30     30     30  900 12,000.00
4 NL45                     FL/R        18     18     18     18  560  7,200.00
3 NL55                     FL/R        17     17     17     17  510  6,600.00
3 Large Laser              FL/R     2(24)  2(24)     --     --   48     30.00
2 Heavy NPPC               L/RBS       30     30     30     30  900 12,000.00
4 NL45                     L/RBS       18     18     18     18  560  7,200.00
3 NL55                     L/RBS       17     17     17     17  510  6,600.00
3 Large Laser              L/RBS    2(24)  2(24)     --     --   48     30.00
2 Heavy NPPC               AL/R        30     30     30     30  900 12,000.00
4 NL45                     AL/R        18     18     18     18  560  7,200.00
3 NL55                     AL/R        17     17     17     17  510  6,600.00
3 Large Laser              AL/R     2(24)  2(24)     --     --   48     30.00
2 Heavy NPPC               Aft         30     30     30     30  450  6,000.00
4 NL55                     Aft         22     22     22     22  340  4,400.00
3 Large Laser              Aft      2(24)  2(24)     --     --   24     15.00
54 Bay Personnel Quarters                                              378.00
TOTALS:                                            Heat: 8,412     650,000.00
Tons Left:                                                                .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost:        4,683,935,128 C-Bills
Battle Value:      98,573
Cost per BV:       47,517.42
Weapon Value:      53,038 (Ratio = .54)
Damage Factors:    SRV = 3,276;  MRV = 3,252;  LRV = 2,492;  ERV = 998
Maintenance:       Maintenance Point Value (MPV) = 467,800
                   (53,014 Structure, 209,412 Life Support, 205,374 Weapons)
                   Support Points (SP) = 291,816  (62% of MPV)
BattleForce2:      Not applicable


icehellion posted this 18 October 2016

This design was inspired by the Strike Medium Cruiser from Star Wars.


Some people suggested that no State would allow for such a Warship to be designed by a 3rd party and that I should go for a lighter armed Jump Ship.

Other said that it was non optimised and not up to its task.


It is up to you to see what you can do from/with it. You have until the end of the month.

Thunder posted this 19 October 2016

Odd.  I'd say it was too optimized to fit into the Battletech universe, especially for an early design.


First impression is to drop structure, armor, and weapons (Both in number and quality) and devote that tonnage to extra cargo, bringing it more in line with other star league era ships.

icehellion posted this 19 October 2016

Do as you want.

Thunder posted this 25 October 2016

Doing as I want...  have freed up 100,000 tons by reducing the weapons load considerably in accordance with matching it to the star wars specs, and reducing the structure and armor.   I kinda need to go peruse the stock warships to calibrate my feel for them.  Might be a bit heavy on the cargo side of things.