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Thunder posted this 18 October 2017

Because who doesn't want Cyborg Dinosaur Infantry?  As usual, I'm mostly thinking in terms of what happens when a unit is converted to alpha strike, as such minor details like the monster the infantry is riding on is the size of a dropship will be conveniently ignored.

Part 1:  The Hit point side of things.

Infantry Damage divisors, where can we find them to stack:

Basic Infantry: starting Divisor of 1.
Better Armor.  +1

Belter Genetic Engineering +1

Myomer Dermal Armor +1  (And Muscles.  Because why not -2 crew requirements for support weapons.)


Beast Mounted infantry (The important part.)

Armored Beasts: +0-2 modifier.

Types of Beasts
Large +0 Divisor (21 men No support weapons.  But can be anti mech...)
Very Large +1 Divisor (14 men. 14 support weapons*)
Monstrous +3 Divisor (8 men 6 support weapons*)
More Monstrous +5 Divisor (16men 5 support*)
Even More Monstrous +7 Divisor (21 men 8 Support weapons*)
Most Monstrous +9 Divisor  (28 Men 10 Support weapons*)

*Reduce Crew needs by Half

Fun point.  In Total warfare there are various levels of -to hit modifiers for being so big.  In AS, there are not.

Maximum Divisor is 15.  Which roughly translates to, "you are riding Godzilla."

Movement of beast mounted infantry.
Oddly...  The creation rules for Creatures doesn't have a limit to how fast they can move...  Pick a number. I'm sure it will be fine.

Other intersting things to add:

C3i implants

Stealth systems. (Because Who doesn't want a C3i powered Godzilla who is also invisible.)



So for alpha strike, the question is, to what range do you want to inflict damage?  From there we pick the most damaging weapons in that range.  If for some reason we wanted to deal less damage then the maximum possible, the assumption will be made that some combination of weapons can make such a goal possible.

Short range only.  Range of 0-1 on the infantry charts:
Standard weapons:
Rifle (Federated-Barrett M42B) 1.02 Damage  Inner Sphere
Auto-Rifle .52 Damage  Best for Clan.

Support weapons:
Bearhunter Super-Heavy 2.33 damage.  Accept no Substitutions!
Grenade Launcher (Heavy) HE rounds 1.76 damage.   Substitution for Spheroid scum without access to real weapons.

Medium range.  2-5 range on the infantry charts.
Standard weapons:
Laser Rifle (Mauser IIC)  1.37 damage.
Laser Rifle (Mauser 1200 LSS) 1.04 damage.  For those that enjoy cheap Inner Sphere knock offs.

Support weapons:
Plasma Rifle, Man-Portable 1.58 damage
Support Laser (Ultra-Heavy) 1.72 damage  For those who enjoy the finer Clan things in life.  Also base crew size is 4. (aka 2 on most of the beasts after modifiers.)

Long Range weapons (6-7 range for infantry):
Standard: NA
 Support Laser (ER Heavy, IS) 1.05 Damage  4 base crew.
 Support Laser (ER Heavy, Clan) 1.26 Damage  3 base crew.

And this concludes putting all the parts in one place.
For our next trick, spreadsheets and then posting some random AS cards.



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icehellion posted this 18 October 2017

Dino Riders?

Thunder posted this 19 October 2017


It was an 80's Cartoon.  As with most such cartoons. It looks much better with the rose tinted glasses of I was 4 at the time...

That is more link then I was expecting...

icehellion posted this 19 October 2017

This is why it rang a bell in me.

Thunder posted this 31 October 2017

That Tank Wont Know What Hit It

Ok, so Not a Dinorider...  But I found the Idea of Infantry on mobile tree's hiding in the woods to be entertaining.

This is a basic infantry unit, auto rifles and grenade launchers.  No fancy equipment, armor, cybernetics, genetic engineering, or improbably tough leaves.

Now as to that minor detail of being able to train a tree...  make the tree, or dinosaur a cyborg with control hardware installed.