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Cowboy posted this 3 weeks ago

I am running a campaign, and It's a bit difficult to get to my actual books at the moment..   So I was hoping that maybe some one here could help me with a list of "Vintage" Star League cannon designs.  I'm looking  for Assault mechs.   The only ones I can really remember being used by the Star League were the Atlas and the Crab.  LOL    ( and I may be wrong about the Atlas)    (And the crab is only a 50 ton)    So.... Any help?

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icehellion posted this 3 weeks ago

King Crab









Thunder Hawk











icehellion posted this 3 weeks ago

And I might have forgotten some

Cowboy posted this 3 weeks ago

Thanks Ice...  Oh and .... Nice to see you again.    Those are all vintage?   The idea is.. ( yes I know over done) A hidden Starleague cache...    I'm also having trouble figuring out which clan I can say I am fighting with.. I set the campaign in 3100........  So I am leaning toward Jade Falcon.   (there is a big span in the history where nothing is said about JF) Either way, the Idea was to find a decent supply of "vintage" Star League Era mechs..   Etc Etc..

Cowboy posted this 3 weeks ago

Post script:  Running this on MekHQ, because my family doesn't really seem interested in playing..   Not as much fun, but still enough to keep me entertained.

icehellion posted this 3 weeks ago

What do you mean by vintage?

Thunder posted this 3 weeks ago

Master unit list. Search by era.

Cowboy posted this 3 weeks ago

ICE: I guess, I just want the mechs to be really special.  I saw the Mackie in there, and that may be one I am very interested in going for.  Something uniquely StarLeague.   I knew the crab was one.  I wasn't sure if the King Crab was one or if it was something made later.  Either way, I was thinking, unique to the Star League.   From what I have read the era I am working in quite a tedious time.  Just 32 years before the Dark age hits.  ( which I never really understood) So I have no idea where it is going.

Anyway thanks for the advice. 

Thunder:   That's what I've been working on, I think if I can't find what I'm looking for I will just make do with what I can. 

Thunder posted this 3 weeks ago

Tried to post a link.  S7 is like "Oh a moderator has to check on that..."

So on the master unit list.
Production era: age of war, Star League
Faction: Star League Royal

That should give a list of what you're after.
Which probably just duplicates what Ice hellion already rendered down.