How many Battletech backers do we have here?

  • Last Post 03 May 2017
warlock posted this 26 October 2016

So am i the only one that backed the kickstater battletech game? If so you can still still be a late backer:

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Thunder posted this 26 October 2016

I have a very nice coat i can wear if im ever kidnapped. My randsom bond from comstar is already paid.

Cuchulainn posted this 26 October 2016

Weisman and Co. burned me on what should have been mechwarrior 5, I got World of Sealclubbers instead. I personally won't back something until it's ready for a true beta with a set release date *shrug*

Cavalcanti posted this 27 October 2016

bladewinder posted this 31 October 2016

I have backed it and the Alpha seems promising. But they have streamlined the movement and shooting phase into one.

Luxan posted this 02 February 2017

I backed it, though I try to forget about doing that so I don't get frustrated while I wait.

Also, very glad to have just found this site is alive again!

Prince posted this 22 February 2017

I'm thinking about pre-purchasing that stein. Looks friggin' dope.

Donteras posted this 03 May 2017

I think I backed it. I'm not really sure.