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warlock posted this 25 October 2016

It would not be S7 with out this thread.

What was that other thread, 101 thing you are not aloud to do.....something, something, anybody?

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Cuchulainn posted this 25 October 2016

I may have squeed earlier today.


And it's "101 things I'm no longer allowed to do at the NAIS"


  • Disassemble the Commandant's Atlas and rebuild it's head on his desk
  • Mount electrical prongs on the university's Chargers
  • Cover all Stingers, Wasps, Phoenix Hawks, Archers, Warhammers, Longbows, and Riflemen (Probably forgot a few there <.< with UN Spacy Logo's and markings

And it goes from there LOL

Cmdr_Kronos_Riker posted this 25 October 2016

Oh JOY! It's BACK..........With a VENGENCE!

Thunder posted this 25 October 2016

And I randomly wonder how bad the View to post ratio will get how quickly.

Thom posted this 25 October 2016

About 101 to 1. . .Cleaning toenails in public.

icehellion posted this 25 October 2016

Is 101 to 1 a ratio?

Cmdr_Kronos_Riker posted this 26 October 2016

It may be. Who knows?  Let us watch, read, and post accordingly

warlock posted this 26 October 2016

But what if it is not a ratio? But a secret code for The WOB, so that they know when to clean there toe nails in public? That is the question. 

Cuchulainn posted this 26 October 2016

Already messed up -.-


This....this is a time honored tradition. Filled with the memory of those much better than ourselves that have passed before us. Many of our friends have moved on, some are no longer with us. But if they could see us today, I feel they would look fondly upon us and applaud our efforts to recreate even a glimmer of the ray of hope we once held.







*pulls a pie from behind his back and smooshes it right into warlocks face in a moment of surprise*

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warlock posted this 26 October 2016


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Cuchulainn posted this 26 October 2016

icehellion posted this 26 October 2016

Why waste pies when you can eat them?

warlock posted this 31 October 2016

Questia posted this 14 January 2017

Ah, heck, ya got me.

But still...

Ceiling Timber Wolf is disgusted by your lack of honor.

icehellion posted this 14 January 2017

Questia posted this 22 February 2017

Crap, I need more BattleTech memes.

icehellion posted this 22 February 2017

The BattleTech moonwalk?

RayRay posted this 27 March 2017

Not allowed to:

Paint the UM's like astromech droids;

Use the word "droids";

Say UN Spacy because, you know;

Let my wife know I am letting the kids use the old lead minis;


Snowjeepney posted this 02 April 2017

Speaking of Madcats........


Source: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Baby-Mad-Cat-169349262

Metal Tiger BLR posted this 12 September 2022

"new guy" walks in carrying a bag of Redi-whip cans, handing out one to everyone present. then dissapears as someone upends one noticing a small black device on the underside with a blinking red light on it. Then Poof! every one of them detonates harmelessly, unless someone is allergic to Redi-whip. As everyone present looks stunned out from their white foam covered faces a small paper floats down from above, that lands at Riker's feet. He picks it up & reads it. "GREETINGS FROM AN OLD FRIEND" 


To Read is to post M3!

I posted

Anubis posted this 04 December 2022

Just wanna state this thread is as it always was. SNAFU. The read and post ratio is so far off its enough to make you shoot a Cameron heir.

Rknight posted this 17 March 2023

I just had to. 

See related image detail

Cmdr_Kronos_Riker posted this 14 September 2023

IS it live, or is it Memorex?   POOTIS!

Captain posted this 16 September 2023

Picture link broke.

Madlizardx posted this 05 February 2024

Strong nostalgia opening the site and seeing the familiar colors 

icehellion posted this 05 February 2024

 And still some activity.