Kronos Battle Systems: PDF Files

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Cmdr_Kronos_Riker posted this 27 June 2017

KBS TRO 3025

KBS TRO 3026

Cranna Record Sheets


These are PDF files containing record sheets of Battlemechs from the old KBS Armory before the Shutdown and reboot. When I have more time, I'll make a few more PDF files and make them available. Right now, I have them stored on Google Drive, with OneDrive as a secondary storage location.

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Cmdr_Kronos_Riker posted this 17 July 2017

KBS TRO 3050

KBS Mods All eras 001


More Recordsheets of KBS units


Class 15 autocannons -v1

SRM 8 and SRM 10 launchers v1

Omni-LAM construction Rules - prototype

Some house rules- expansion of autocannons and SRM launchers.

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