Operation Fly Swatter!

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Thunder posted this 19 September 2016

Ok,  So we I made that one thread just to mess with the system.  It has been moved and locked down,  good.
I can still edit it,  and add additional attachments,  So locking it down doesn't quite kill it.


Testing something.

Ok.  Confirmed odd ball mutli-platform problem.  If I attempt to edit the post from my phone (Android, using crome for web.),  The edit screen shows everything in HTML editing mode,  but it's invisible.   Its like when you would attempt to post a design from HTML, and when you switched it to normal view mode it would also be invisible.  toggling the show HTML button twice would fix it.  The phone editing screen does not have the editing bar, (The one with Bold, Italicize underline, strike-through etc.) which might be related to the problem.

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Thunder posted this 19 September 2016

Posting length seems to be an issue.  Limit is 6000 characters.   Attempting to post a small to medium length design using HTML for formatting came out to 10,000 characters. (900 words) (HeavyMetal Battle Armor generated.)

Skyhigh posted this 03 October 2016

Haven't been able to find any configuration settings for the 6000 character limit.  Though we did find a solution for posting out of editors.