Patriarch PTH-081 MilitiaMech

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Captain posted this 15 August 2018

About a year or so ago, before the old Solaris7 shut down, I'd been looking through my copy of Tactical Operations and came across the rules for handheld weapons. Curious, I wondered what possibilities could arise from it. Then I acquired a copy of TRO: Prototypes and the Quickdraw variant therein gave me the final inspiration. The result was one of the last things I posted on the old site, and it returns here. (No formatting for the moment as I'm typing this out on my phone.)

Patriarch PTH-081

100 tonnes

Industrial Internal Structure

Torso-Mounted Cockpit

3/5/3 movement points (300 Standard Fusion Engine)

19 tonnes of Heavy Industrial Armor (304 points)

Head: 8

Center Torso: 50/12

Left/Right Torsos: 32/10

Left/Right Arms: 34

Left/RIght Legs: 41

19 Single Heat Sinks

Industrial Triple-Strength Myomer

2 Heavy Machine Guns (1 in each Leg)

1/2 tonne HMG Ammunition (Left Torso)

2 Large Lasers (Both in the Head)

1 Retractable Blade (Right Arm)

1 C.A.S.E. Unit (Left Torso)

1 Guardian ECM Unit (Right Torso)

So far, my own calculations have the Patriarch costing 12,204,000 C-Bills and 1,699 BV. Not bad. Now, here's where the magic happens. I was thinking that the Patriarch would be marketed to militias that can't afford an Omnimech with the ability to carry ~37 tons of weapons. The I-TSM allows the Patriarch to effectively have 20 tons of pod-space through its handheld weapon mount. Additionally, if the Patriarch's weapon set-up is proving insufficient, the 'Mech can rendezvous with a nearby supply truck and swap out its configuration in the middle of battle, granting it even more versatility than an Omni'.

The Patriarch's manufacturer ships out each unit with the following handheld weapons:

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Captain posted this 15 August 2018

General Purpose Weapon (Estimated BV: 276):

2 LRM 5s

1 tonne of ammunition

1 Light Autocannon-5

1.5 tonnes of ammunition (All Armor-Piercing)

1 Medium Laser

2 Small Lasers

5 Heat Sinks

1.5 tonnes of Armor

Anti-Infantry Weapon (Estimated BV: 196):

2 Medium Pulse Lasers

2 Heavy Flamers

3 tonnes of ammunition

8 Heat Sinks

2 tonnes of Armor

Dual Rotary Autocannon Weapon (Estimated BV: 303):

2 Rotary Autocannon-2

3 tonnes of ammunition

1 tonne of Armor

Assault Ultra Autocannon Weapon (Estimated BV: 453):

Ultra Autocannon-20

4 tonnes of ammunition

1 tonne of Armor

Gauss Rifle Weapon (Estimated BV: 504):

1 Gauss Rifle

3 tonnes of ammunition

2 tonnes of Armor

Plasma Rifle Weapon (Estimated BV: 326):

1 Plasma Rifle

2 tonnes of ammunition

10 Heat Sinks

2 tonnes of Armor

Heavy MML Weapon (Estimated BV: 211):

2 MML 9s + Artemis IV FCS

4 tonnes of ammunition (2 LRM, 2 SRM)

2 tonnes of Armor

Streak SRM Pack (Estimated BV: 90):

5 Improved One-Shot Streak SRM 6

Heavy Extended LRM Weapon (Estimated BV: 335):

1 Extended LRM 20

1.5 tonnes of ammunition

0.5.tonnes of Armor

Heavy Thunderbolt Weapon (Estimated BV: 404):

1 Thunderbolt-20

4.33 tonnes of ammunition

1.5 tonnes of Armor

Artillery Weapon - Missile (Estimated BV: 394):

1 Arrow IV

3 tonnes of ammunition

2 tonnes of Armor

Artillery Weapon - Ballistic (Estimated BV: 149):

1 Thumper Artillery Piece

2 tonnes of ammunition

3 tonnes of Armor

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Captain posted this 21 August 2018

No comments?

Thunder posted this 21 August 2018

hate the fact that its 100 tons.

Couldn't figure out a way to get the same handheld weapons carried by a smaller unit.

Thus I have to let it be.  It is as it is.

icehellion posted this 21 August 2018

The question is: what kind of weapons does it carry in it? You mentioned 37 tons but not what you got for this tonnage.

Captain posted this 21 August 2018

The "~37 tons" is broken down as follows: 2 Large Lasers (both in the head) - 10 tons 1 Retractable Blade (can only be used when not wielding a Handheld Weapon) - 5.5 tons 2 Heavy Machine Guns (one in each leg) - 2 tons Handheld Weapon with 20 ton capacity

Total: 37.5 tons

I was certain all of that was stated in the first and second posts.

icehellion posted this 22 August 2018

It was. I didn't get that the Handheld weapons were added.

Prince posted this 25 August 2018

Does I-TSM have any affect on accuracy? I don't remember any rules saying it did.

I think the general purpose handheld would be better off swapping the autocannon and lasers for a single LB-10 with another LRM attached- I want to like the 'light' autocannons, but with AP Ammo you're firing at a +1 all the time in an industrialmech (which WILL rack up crits quick) and you only gain something on an 11 or 12.

Also, a good handheld idea would be for a Thumper Artillery Cannon as an anti-conventional weapon- the AoE means infantry really take the sting and it provides more crit rolls against vehicles.

Donteras posted this 15 October 2018

iTSM does 2 things to an industrialmech.  It makes it more expensive, and it doubles the lift capability of the 'mech.  That's about it.  It even comes preheated, so you don't even have to worry about that.

Captain posted this 15 October 2018

To be more thorough, here is the full list of I-TSM's effects:

  • x2 Physical attack damage

  • x2 Lifting capacity

  • Always on

  • 2-point physical attack to-hit penalty

  • 1-point piloting skill roll penalty

  • Unlike combat TSM, does not provide additional movement points.

Captain posted this 15 October 2018

Seeing Prince's comment gave me the idea to see what potential weapons I have overlooked. Here are three more mounts:

Artillery Cannon Weapon (Estimated BV: ~187)

1 Sniper Artillery Cannon

3 tonnes of ammunition

2 tonnes of armor

Hyper-Velocity Autocannon Weapon (Estimated BV: ~ 318)

1 HVAC-10

4 tonnes of ammunition

2 tonnes of armor

Heavy Rifle Weapon (Estimated BV: ~ 255) (Creator's Note: For maximum lols, I envision this weapon looking and (sort of) acting like a side-by-side double-barrel shotgun.)

2 Heavy Rifle (Cannon)

3 tonnes of ammunition

1 tonne of armor

Also, I want to make a Melee Weapon, but I'm unsure of how the rules interact.

icehellion posted this 5 weeks ago

I guess it wouldn't be able to use it when it has fired..