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Stolen_Thunder posted this 17 January 2023

I've been finding a lot of new things since the resurgence of the game under the care of Catalyst Games. Things like podcasts, discord servers, new websites, and YouTube channels. I figured I'd list the few I've run across here. Enjoy!

The "Tex Talks Battletech" series on the Black Pants Legion YouTube channel.

Wolfnet Radio Podcast and Discord Server

The Mechbay Podcast and Discord Server

On the Origins of Battlemechs Podcast and Discord Server




Helm Memory Core Discord (used to be "Everything Battletech")

Solaris Skunk Werks Discord (remember when that program was just getting off the ground? Now it gets mentioned in shows that literally have dozens of listeners!)

Also, who else is active in these places? Are any of you guys doing podcasts, YouTube vids, anything?

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Thunder posted this 19 January 2023

I'm doing my usual trick of patrolling Facebook.

Youtube people I've noticed.

Grimdark Narrator.
Big Red 40K
Mechanical Frog
Mage Leader
Alpha Strike - We Play!
Wargamer Fritz
Death From Above Wargaming

Of course Megamek is still around.  I still do bug reports on occasion.
Think there is about 3 websites devoted to custom mech design.  So of course I'm no really on any of them for reasons I don't know.

Mech Factory

And currently seeing if I can run a campaign based on the nuts and bolts model.  I worry about it.  That fine line between fun and challenging and dead all dead.

Stolen_Thunder posted this 19 January 2023

I'm not on Facebook anymore, but from what I have heard, there are tons of local/regional battletech groups to be found.

The campaign is a great idea. When you get to running it, write that stuff up, like the old campaign books. I don't think Catalyst has objections to fan made stuff, maybe you could self publish it?

Thunder posted this 20 January 2023

I am a terrible writer.  I'm also aiming for a more free wheeling less serious campaign.  Best I can really hope for is for someone else to borrow the framework I've developed and they can go tell a story with it.

Speaking of which... Ideas are sitting right there in their own post.  Haven't gotten anyone to even comment on it.  Is very sad.

Prince posted this 23 January 2023

Battletech has never been so popular, and it seems to only be improving. I haven't checked my FB in forever tho, and I haven't heard from the Cains either in quite a while.

I'm hoping to do a campaign like that soon too.

Cuchulainn posted this 3 weeks ago

@ S_T, the BPL also has a podcast that I really enjoy, look on anchor or google podcasts. 

I don't particularly care for the host or the recent glut of CCG content, but the older video interviews on Renegade HPG are worth a listen too.

For historical content, I really enjoy C&Rsenal and Drachinifel on youtube.

As far as creating my own content, I missed the boat on the great pandemic explosion of virtual tabletop wargames and RPG's cause my job at the time was a 60 hour a week commitment. I'm trying to convince my old regular gaming group to get together and play Shadowrun 4E game set in 2050.