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Thunder posted this 09 July 2018

Free floating ideas for scenerios.

Protect the dropship. Dropship is prepping to take off. So of course stopping it from taking off is on the attackers to do list.

The gimmick. Attacker is aerospace fighters and maybe some airborne infantry. Defender is appropriate ground units.

Hidden base. Transmissions from where there should be none. Time to send in scouts. Main gimmick for me is setting the terrain to impossible. Like the entire play area is heavy woods. Secondary themes for me is the hidden research base angle, which lets me bring out some of the weirder units ive made. Like cyborg dinosaur beast mounted infantry.

Breaking a castle brian. Step 1 design a castle brian complex. Step 2. Battling in a multi layered 3D underground fortress. The level of ambition is beyond me any time soon.

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icehellion posted this 09 July 2018

The Dropship

Thunder posted this 10 July 2018

Its the one I'm working on first, just because its easiest to set up.

Fairness is another matter.  Bearing in mind I tend to think in terms of alpha strike...

A leopard dropship can take 21 damage before it is completely dead.
A bombing run from a wing of size 2 fighters (50 to 70ish tons) can drop 24 damage of HE bombs in one pass...

Thus, This can't be a destroy mission, it has to be a capture mission.

How about, the defender gets 600 tons of dropship bays worth of units.
Mechs are 150 tons
Heavy Vehicles 100 tons
Light vehicles 50 tons

Attacker gets a Wing of fighters.

Easy version, capture happens off camera after defenders are wiped out.
Less easy version that will require more work.  Assault Drop!  Maybe 5 fighters plus 1 Planet lifter dropping 20 tons of infantry.

icehellion posted this 10 July 2018

I tend to think in terms of alpha strike...


Which means?

Prince posted this 11 July 2018

I had been brainstorming ideas for a campaign, centered around finding (and potentially salvaging) LosTech nuclear weaponry from the star league with IE. It would set up the players like the start of Metro 2034- you're super well equipped but overwhelmed, barely escape back to the jumpship with your data and have to scrounge for the rest of the game while constantly being hunted.

It goes like this- one of the first 3 planets that are 'marked' by IE has a still-functioning data core that was used by the star league during their conquest of the RWR, and the players need to clear out the facility to get at the cache. Instead of being attacked by pirates however, they get attacked by a small force of the Green Ghosts- turns out, you're snooping on their turf and managed to get it before they could, and a stealthy force now has to go gloves-off. The op has multiple levels of success, mainly because while you can't STAY at the little base it still might have more than just a data dump, and being able to hold onto the facility might give you some equipment options in exchange of giving the Ghosts more time to regroup.

The player force would be a mix of a kinda-maybe lance of player characters, a handful of DM controlled IE units, and a full star of Green Ghosts who make up for lower numbers with more skill and clantech.

Thunder posted this 12 July 2018

@ice hellion Mostly its a warning that the stats im using are from alpha strike, as are the rules being used.


Well that was a horribly redundant statement.  Lets go use Alpha strike cards with TW rules!

Thunder posted this 12 July 2018


I'm thinking, kind of a Nuts & Bolts wave progression.  First wave is a light strike unit,  Second Medium skirmishers, Heavy attack.. And so on.

Game progression would rely both on good combat choices, and seeing how much of your stuff you can repair in between rounds.

Also this:


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Thunder posted this 13 July 2018

Artillery unit vs the fast reaction force.

This one comes from the interplay of unit design and objectives.

Step 1.  There is something worth attacking.

step 2.  Heavy units are used to defend this thing.

Step 3.  Fast raiders do not attack this thing because they lose their natural advantages.

Step 4.  Artillery is used from open terrain to pound the heavy defenders.

Step 5.  heavy units are not sent to deal with artillery because fast units can tear them apart in open terrain.

step 6.  Fast units are sent to deal with the artillery.

Step 7.  Fast units fight fast units...  So we need faster units to get around the fast units at which point I start calling in Bombing runs.  Because No One outruns fighter.

Ok, so the mission is the attacker is sending out a Sally to break the artillery attempting to break their own defenses.

Defender should have several units that are Artillery capable, and several more that are for close in defense.
Attacker should be a faster force.  I wonder what the minimum speed should be...

Nightstalker666 posted this 14 July 2018

some thoughts on impossible terrain maps. unclimbable sharp pointed mini-mountain peaks artificially built (lowtech) 6-15 levels high so that even jump capable mechs that could get up and over it would tumble to pieces on the sheer slope they would land on and the reason you don't just airdrop your forces past it is the heavy higher tech artillery and AA/SAM batteries behind it. hell you could tie in the vaulted lostech and make the systems automated and say no ones been to it or seen it in centuries as it was placed on a rare unbound asteroid big enough that it's been partly terraformed in its endless flight through deep space since the early 22-23rd century-perhaps. theres a safe spot to drop on the "dark" side of the moon (opposite the base) but the automated turrets force a successful assault to be one where you have to utilize nul-sig or have Angel-ECM at least and move slowly after getting past the mini-mountains ringed about the base. (motion sensing, heat activated, with radar) so you'd have to run cool too. but despite being some of the best tech there was in its inception years, a modern circa3025+ mech lance/star with the right equipment and strategy can get past the defenses. you could deal with the irritations of vacuum and not terraform it. it would take at least a certain amount of lostech or clantech to achieve and some careful recon to get enough intel to infiltrate successfully. this layout for a campaign would be great for munchtek, but as long as you don't limit your players to lvl 1or shoddy/used equipment a lance or star of highend 3025-50 w/lvl 2-limited lvl3 (smoother operation if they have nullsig.) however the base should have some outdated ECM and beagle-probes of its own and I would think a C3 dual master system between the turrets and central operations tower. hell I think I might finish this idea for myself but hope that struck up the muse for ya.

Thunder posted this 15 July 2018

My muse wants to reconnaissance by fire.  Preferably from orbit.

Though it did remind me of an Idea for a military base that is broken up into small islands that are individually too small for a dropship to land on,  And yes they would have that pointy peak/spike in the center to allow bigger islands to be used while still denying landing space.

Hmmm Hundred meter tall walls.  On an asteroid...  Ok, so a giant 3D ball/maze with auto turrets would be neat.
Hundred meter tall walls in general seem excessive.  Active mine fields seems cheaper and easier to use.

icehellion posted this 15 July 2018

My muse wants to reconnaissance by fire.  Preferably from orbit.

I hope your people have good artillery skills, otherwise, they will destroy everything.


Thunder posted this 15 July 2018

That is kinda the idea. Flatten anything that can oppose me. Send in ground forces to dig out the survivors.

Taking an objective so i can use it for myself isnt a goal for me. Its either raid and then destroy the objective, destroy the objective, or destroy the defenders who would threaten to take back an objective.

But capture and defend an objective is right out.

Nightstalker666 posted this 16 July 2018

there would have to be some cool loot in such a place it would be uncanon to have a MechWarrior who would be so wasteful. Like the pre Ares Nuclear weapons you mentioned.

Thunder posted this 16 July 2018

Nukes?  What nukes?  I tend to favor lasers and gauss rifles for my orbital bombardment. (Not that I don't have nukes mind you....)

As per cool loot. Its probably in a bunker.  So after I flatten everything on the surface I can dig it out.
Or I can at least flatten a proper staging area and then siege my way to the inexplicably out in the open and subject to breakage loot.

Not a fan of the canon universe.  For example, while I applaud house Liao's transformation into a high tech effective military force.  House Davions transformation into a punching bag leaves me with a WTF feeling.

Also there is a lack of orbital bombardment platforms in a space faring universe, so everyone is inexplicably holding the stupid ball.

Prince posted this 17 July 2018

Though it did remind me of an Idea for a military base that is broken up into small islands that are individually too small for a dropship to land on,  And yes they would have that pointy peak/spike in the center to allow bigger islands to be used while still denying landing space.

Hmmm Hundred meter tall walls.  On an asteroid...  Ok, so a giant 3D ball/maze with auto turrets would be neat.
Hundred meter tall walls in general seem excessive.  Active mine fields seems cheaper and easier to use.

Theres a region in Madagascar like that- our species has only explored like 5% of the place because erosion has made all the rocks slice n' dice sharp. Each time an expedition is mounted, 5 more species are found.

Not a fan of the canon universe.  For example, while I applaud house Liao's transformation into a high tech effective military force.  SHOULD HAVE DIED IN THE 4TH SUCCESSION WAR

I have fixed this post.

Prince posted this 17 July 2018

Also there is a lack of orbital bombardment platforms in a space faring universe, so everyone is inexplicably holding the stupid ball.

Personally, I get around that in-universe explanation by giving all *important* worlds nuclear-tipped ICBMs. Makes orbital bombardments risky when you're juking missiles constantly, and gives another reason for 'Pocket Warhips'- why nuke them, when a warship could be on the way?

Of course, my addition to canon is, well Warships that make sense, but...

Thunder posted this 24 July 2018

Given the advanced point defense rules,  Missiles would have a very very hard time hitting a warship.

Also,   Missiles have a hard time getting to and catching a target far enough away.  Gauss rifle rounds have no problem tracking immobile targets across a few million kilometers.

And now back on topic.

The Ebon Keshik.

For some odd reason you seek audience with the hall of khans.  The Ebon Keshik denies you access.  So of course you Trial of refusal.

The Ebon Keshik Should be an elite star to trinary, with significant Elemental presense, and some Obsidian Idol's.  And Maybe a battle armor design I'm going to call a monolith as soon as I'm done designing it.  So like 5 100 ton assault mechs of overwhelming power, and 10 units of exceptionally nasty Battle armor.  All of which should be at skill 1 or 2.  Zellbrigen is in effect until the attacker breaks it in the slightest. (Like hiding after a duel has been declared)  Zellbrigen and battle armor don't mix...  Oh well they're the crazy clanners...

The attacker  Should bring a point value of units equivalent to the defender.

Defender gets to set up the game table, and may deploy their battle armor as hidden units.

Possible special case rules, Underground movement tunnels.
The Ebon Keshik is fighting on their home turf.  Their home turf though a garden on the surface is laced with under ground bunker systems to aid in the defense of the hall of khans.  They know the access points intimately.  Locations on the table designated by the defender can be access points  allowing a squad to enter the bunker system, And exit at another bunker access point the following turn.  Franky, with this kind of Idea in play, you could probably do away with the need for the Mechs.

Nightstalker666 posted this 24 July 2018

hell no! I'd break the corridors with an assault mech so they have to backtrack. Kahns'd be pissed but admit that in the combat sense it's a tactical counter that outside of breaking their hall up for a duel would otherwise be perfectly sensible/allowable. some might think it a waste of ammo but that's what I'd do, or FASCAM the exits after sending my own Elementals. (hate those little monkeys) cool as elementals and BA are if this is a battle for a full mech trinary who in their right mind would cut out the mechs in a game of BT? love the idea btw, I might have to use it myself as apart from fluff my Nightstalker hasn't earned his stripes in awhile and is sposed to be a clanner-once innersphere that is about to be a Supernova trinary commander.

Thunder posted this 25 July 2018

The Corridors are intended to survive orbital bombardment.  We're talking Castle Brian level construction.  Sure your mechs could break them eventually, but not quickly enough to avoid discussing the fact with angry elementals.

Its more of a twist for a scenerio.  And in the scenario the hall of the Khans would not actually be close, unless you're playing a "Attack the Khans!" type of scenerio where its a full on out of the sky invasion.  In which case, all that underground fortress stuff was designed to deal with that.  Also you would have to worry about the mech elevators then.

Your counter tactics...  First you have to know where the entrances are.  They are hidden until exposed.  In the AU I originally designed the Obsidian Idol in, the Hall of Khans, and Svoboda Zemyla  were the subject of a full on attack.  One of the results is the Ebon Keshik fortified the living hell out of the entire area.  Coincidentally, the canon story pretty much had the same thing, including orbital bombardment happen.  No Idea what happened to the ebon Keshik from that point on.

Sending your own elementals in.  Legit.  But you're also asking to go up against elite units who are less interested in honor then in your destruction using top of the line equipment.  In tunnels.  That they know.  Including where the murder-holes, booby traps, and secret passages are.  Actually, that would be a fun scenerio in itself.  Though more of a dungeon crawl then battle type of thing.

Cutting out mechs.  Well for one, the Ebon Keshik is mostly made of elementals.  They're a defensive police force.  My version went through bad times and augmented their forces for more dakka...
In any case.  If you're planning an actual trial, then the Ebon Keshik might declare they're defending with just elementals.  If you're staging an actual assault, or decide to bring a dishonorable amount of firepower to the trial, then its time to break out the big guns.

Nightstalker666 posted this 25 July 2018

Definitely pays to know your enemy and the battlefield territory, my apology. I still would probly FASCAM my flank after the initial push, to give at least some proactive defense. as I said though I hate monkeys/BA/Elementals as a MechWarrior I find them a nuisance and barely more helpful than infantry on my side (perhaps because I've never really integrated any infantry or BA into my tactics) yet a nastier nuisance when their crawling on my mech and worth keeping tabs on. 


Thunder posted this 26 July 2018

To be fair, this level of verbal sparing can easily degenerate into "Mines bigger.  No Mine's Bigger"
Taking out the entrances is a fair tactic.  There are just complications since the defenders object to that plan.

That is a lot of FASCAM.  Maybe mining choke points behind you, but flying wings of lighter units on your flanks and rear would be a faster way to avoid being taken from behind.  None of which help if you pass by an unnoticed entrance and get swarmed.


Infantry/BA effectivness...  I have a collection of custom designs/platoons.  Scary things are possible.

Thunder posted this 26 July 2018

Monoliths...  Did not turn out as awesome as I wanted.  Instead I got a clan version of the Ivor...  Which still has some uses, and the name matches it well at least.

heavy, 10 standard stealth armor, LRM-4 with 12 reloads, Camo system.  Can ride on omni mechs. +9's to hit it at long range.

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Nightstalker666 posted this 26 July 2018

Sickening, I love it. Proto right? and to say it again; I've never worked out any serious tactics or designs, but I still respect their abilities. okay I guess I'd need a basic layout of the details of the map before I go making plans for how to tackle that situation, wouldn't happen to have that available would you? Don't worry I'm a master debater I wont slide to petty one upsmanship. (but mine still is bigger, no jk)

Thunder posted this 26 July 2018

Battle Armor actually.  The mental image that goes with it is a star of omni mechs with these guys mounted.  They get dropped off at the edge of the battle and just snipe to their hearts content while the mechs get closer and act distracting.  Any shots that head their way are most likely wasted.  Anyone that moves in closer to get a better shot is going to be out of position.

No maps here.  Descriptivly, there should be the central complex of buildings, surrounding that complex would be the master genetic repository and multiple blood blood chapels spreading out through a park/preserve that engulfs the area.  And beyond that, dont know. Maybe a city.


Now if you're going to model a slice of that environs for a game.  Light woodlands with a bit of rolling hill.  Perhaps some light structures like gazebos or an auditorium.  Or heavy structures like a blood chapel.  Impassible terrain caused by giant art structures,  And probably a river system snaking throughout breaking up the area into defensible sections., covered by multiple pedestrian bridges,  but with heavier bridges acting as choke points for heavy machinery.  The goal is to be pretty, to show how awesome the clans are, and yet its also built from the point of view of a warrior as a defensive killing field.