The Defense of Fort Birkenhead

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Thunder posted this 14 June 2018

The Good news is you're the new company commander.
The Bad news is that your lance is all that is left of the company.

Your former Base commander seemed to have things under control, really strange invaders had landed, stated they were here to take over the planet and demanded some form of ritual combat.  So of course your commander put command detonated mines over the chosen battlefield.

The invaders are hard to understand, but you get the impression that Dezgra, Surat, and Freebirth of definitely epithets.  Annihilation is another word that sticks out.

Most of the base is gone.  Prisoners are not being taken.  They even burned down the hospital with everyone in it.   Your Lance was tasked with covering the evacuation of the dependents from base housing.  Enemy mechs are heading for your location.


This scenario is a work in progress.  Its also thought up in terms of Alpha Strike.

The basic Idea is for the Defending Inner Sphere forces to hold off a Clan attack long enough for civilians to be evacuated.

The defender should have:

4 Mechs with a total mass of 220 tons or less.
4 Units of Civilians to evacuate.  (Roll 1D6 for each unit of Civilians When attempting to board an APC.  On a 4+ the attempt is successful.)
4 APC's
2 Platoons of infantry (A platoon of infantry within 2 inches of a Civillian unit gives a +2 bonus for their boarding role.)
2 Heavy APC's for the infantry
1 Suicide Bomber if you want to be fancy. (He was an expectant father.  His wife had a doctors appointment today.)  (This unit is deployed as a hidden unit anywhere on the map.  It should have a move of 10" wheeled, 1 structure, and deals 5 points of damage as a booby trap.  Clans will not notice it until it moves.)

Additional Possible Ideas.
Combat engineer points.
Additional dirty tricks, Mine Fields, defense turrets, bridges that collapse, buildings that collapse on people.  Vehicular hulks that suddenly start shooting. Be creative.

Offensive forces:

3 OmniMechs (total of upto 155 tons)
2 points of Battle armor

Trickery from the clans.
A: The defender is not supposed to know about the battle armor until it dismounts from the the omni mech its riding on.
B: If the Clans lose 2 mechs, they can call for 1 mech and 1 battle armor worth of reinforcements (The forces from their previous internal bidding before winning the batchall for the rights of killing this group of Surats.)

ROE for the clans.
So long as an opposing combat unit is within range, they will focus on that target over civilian units.

Set up.
The battle field should include.
A central administration center. at least 3 buildings.  Grocery store, School, Administration building.
At least 2 residential sections. at least 3 Apartment buildings in one, At least 4 houses in the other. (Enlisted vs officer housing.)
Roads connecting these sub sections logically.
A hardened guard tower or bunker near the road on the defenders side of the map.

Maybe some Forests surrounding the location.
Maybe a river with some bridges.

The back edge of the base should be at least 8-12 inches from the back edge of the defenders starting point.

Defender's goal is to evacuate all civilians off the field.  Once they exit the field the defender may withdraw any unit that is faster then surviving clan units.

The Attackers goal is to kill everything.

The defender Wins if they defeat all attackers, or if they manage to withdraw at least 1 civilian unit in an APC faster then the surviving clan units.

The Attacker wins unconditionally if they destroy all combat units and retain a unit faster then the civilian APC's
The attacker will declare victory if they destroy all opposing combat forces.

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Thunder posted this 14 June 2018

So what detail am I missing out on?

icehellion posted this 14 June 2018

Perhaps less APC/Heavy APCs? Make 4 of them?


And what about Zellbringen?

Thunder posted this 14 June 2018

Zellbringen was adressed in the opening fluff. Namely its long gone.

Fewer apcs that can pick up multiple civilians might work.

Todays game saw a rather rapid collection of the mcguffins and withdrawl. Game went rather well.

Prince posted this 30 June 2018

Any other detail? Potential problems? Seems like a nice scenario, and I've needed to learn how to make them for awhile.

Thunder posted this 02 July 2018

I dont think you Make scenarios so much as Make Up scenarios.   Starting premise is always "Why would a fight happen?"  followed quickly by "What makes this fight interesting."