Uziel UZL-4S

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Snowjeepney posted this 13 June 2020

Uziel UZL-4S

Mass: 50 tons Tech Base: Inner Sphere Chassis Config: Biped Rules Level: Experimental Tech Era: Clan Invasion Tech Rating/Era Availability: F/X-X-E-A Production Year: 3070 Dry Cost: 10,752,000 C-Bills Total Cost: 10,779,000 C-Bills Battle Value: 1,564 Chassis: Foundation E50 Endo-Steel Power Plant: GM 300 Fusion XL Engine Walking Speed: 64.8 km/h Maximum Speed: 97.2 km/h Jump Jets: Rawlings 50 Jump Capacity: 180 meters Armor: Durallex Lite-R Light Ferro-Fibrous w/ CASE Armament: 2 Defiance 250 Light PPC + PPC Capacitors 2 Defiance Model XII ER Medium Lasers 1 Harvester 20K SRM-6 1 Defiance D5S Small Pulse Laser 1 Norse Guardian ECM Suite Manufacturer: Defiance Industries Primary Factory: Furillo Communications System: Neil 6000-g Targeting and Tracking System: RCA Instatrac Mark XXII Overview: Created during the early years of the era known as the "Wobbie Temper Tantrum", the Uziel UZL-4S was an attempt to improve on the aspects of the UZL-2S with newly discovered and experimental technologies. First produced in 3070, the Uziel UZL-4S would soon see widespread use in the LAAF and AFFS, as well as the mercenaries and other allies that support them. Capabilities: Just like the UZL-2S that it was based on, the Uziel UZL-4S was designed to be a hard-hitting striker/reconnaisance unit. The weapons system was overhauled, with only the Harvester 20K SRM-6 launcher being retained, albeit with its ammuntion now CASE-protected. The arm-mounted PPCs were replaced with Defiance 250 Light PPCs, with both coupled with a PPC Capacitor; this allows the UZL-4S to match the arm-mounted firepower of the UZL-2S. Close-range firepower was further improved, with the addition of a Defiance Model XII ER Medium Laser in each side torso, while a Defiance D5S Small Pulse Laser mounted on the mech's "chin"(head) is intended to deal with enemy infantry/battlearmor. An additional double heat sink was also squeezed in, increasing the total amount of double heat sinks to twelve. In terms of protection, the armor has been replaced with ten tons of Durallex Lite-R Light Ferro-Fibrous, giving the Uziel a much thicker skin. Besides improved armor, the UZL-4S also has Guardian ECM Suite, which provides protection against enemy electronics, as well as an effective counter to the Blakists' heavy C3 network use. Deployment: As mentioned earlier, the Uziel UZL-4S is primarily deployed by the forces of the LAAF and the AFFS. Other notable forces that had deployed this battlemech model include the Wolf's Dragoons, the Kell Hounds, and surprisingly, Clan Wolf-in-Exile. Variants: UZL-4SA - this sub-variant of the UZL-4S swaps the Guardian ECM Suite for a Beagle Active Probe. UZL-4SW- a unique sub-variant only seen in Clan Wolf-in-Exile, this version replaces all of the weapons. Each arm now has an Clan-spec ER Large Laser for long-range combat, while each side torso has an Clan-spec ER Medium Laser and a Micro Pulse Laser, while a Clan-spec Streak SRM-6 launcher replaces the original SRM-6 launcher. The Guardian ECM Suite was also dropped, and replaced with an experimental Watchdog System.

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Snowjeepney posted this 13 June 2020

Equipment           Type                         Rating                   Mass  
Internal Structure: Endo-Steel                    83 points                2.50
    Internal Locations: 3 LT, 3 RT, 2 LA, 2 RA, 2 LL, 2 RL
Engine:             XL Fusion Engine             300                       9.50
    Walking MP: 6
    Running MP: 9
    Jumping MP: 6 Standard
    Jump Jet Locations: 3 LT, 3 RT                                         3.00
Heat Sinks:         Double Heat Sink             12(24)                    2.00
Gyro:               Standard                                               3.00
Cockpit:            Standard                                               3.00
    Actuators:      L: SH+UA+LA    R: SH+UA+LA
Armor:              Light Ferro-Fibrous          AV - 169                 10.00
    Armor Locations: 3 LA, 4 RA
    CASE Locations: 1 RT                                                   0.50

                                                      Internal       Armor      
                                                      Structure      Factor     
                                                Head     3            9         
                                        Center Torso     16           22        
                                 Center Torso (rear)                  10        
                                           L/R Torso     12           17        
                                    L/R Torso (rear)                  7         
                                             L/R Arm     8            16        
                                             L/R Leg     12           24        

Equipment                                 Location    Heat    Critical    Mass  
Light PPC + PPC Capacitor                    RA        10        2         3.00
    Light PPC + PPC Capacitor                RA        5*        1         1.00
Light PPC + PPC Capacitor                    LA        10        2         3.00
    Light PPC + PPC Capacitor                LA        5*        1         1.00
ER Medium Laser                              RT        5         1         1.00
ER Medium Laser                              LT        5         1         1.00
Guardian ECM Suite                           LT        0         2         1.50
SRM-6                                        CT        4         2         3.00
Small Pulse Laser                            HD        2         1         1.00
@SRM-6 (15)                                  RT        -         1         1.00
                                            Free Critical Slots: 1

BattleForce Statistics
MV      S (+0)  M (+2)  L (+4)  E (+6)   Wt.   Ov   Armor:      6    Points: 16
6j         2       2       1       0      2     1   Structure:  2
Special Abilities: ECM, CASE, SRCH, ES, SEAL, SOA


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icehellion posted this 13 June 2020

Why not go for a Streak to save ammo (which would fit its missions)?

Warhawk posted this 25 June 2020

I echo IH's suggestion for a Streak rack.  It's not a bad switch for a Streak-4 instead of the larger SRM rack.

MajorTom posted this 22 July 2020