Victor VTR-9D2

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Victor VTR-9D2

Mass: 80 tons Tech Base: Inner Sphere Chassis Config: Biped Rules Level: Tournament Legal Era: Succession Wars Tech Rating/Era Availability: E/X-F-D-A Production Year: 3045 Cost: 8,555,520 C-Bills Battle Value: 1,918 Chassis: HildCo Type V Standard Power Plant: Pitban 320 Fusion Engine Walking Speed: 43.2 km/h Maximum Speed: 64.8 km/h Jump Jets: Swingline X-1000 Jump Capacity: 120 meters Armor: Valiant Scutum Ferro-Fibrous w/ CASE Armament: 1 Poland Main R Gauss Rifle 3 Magna Mk II Medium Lasers 1 Holly SRM-4 1 Starflash Small Pulse Laser Manufacturer: Sarao Steelworks Primary Factory: Franklin Communications System: Opus III Highbeam Targeting and Tracking System: Garret D2j (Mendham)

Overview: After losing Independence Weaponry to the DCMS after the War of 3039, the AFFS no longer had access to the 80-ton Victor battlemech, which was considered the primary assault 'Mech of choice for House Davion forces. As a result, the Davions made do with purchasing the new VTR-9D models from the rebuilt HildCo factory in the St. Ives Compact and funding the construction of Styk's Tao MechWorks. However, the AFFS also contracted Sarao Steelworks to produce a limited amount of Victor battlemechs as well; the company was relatively small compared to the likes of heavyweights like GM and Achernar Battlemechs, but has since grown due to the company's success at mass-producing double heat sinks. But rather than fully copy the VTR-9D model, the Franklin-based company opted to create their own model instead, resulting in the VTR-9D2 model. Capabilities: Like the VTR-9D model, Sarao Steelworks' VTR-9D2 model of the Victor replaced the massive Autocannon with a Johnston Industries' Poland Main R Gauss Rifle, supplied with three tons of ammo. However, Sarao Steelworks replaced the 15 single heat sinks with 10 double heat sinks, freeing up tonnage while improving cooling capacity. As a result, besides the two Medium Lasers on the left arm and the SRM-4 in the left shoulder, Sarao Steelworks also was able to add another Medium Laser in the center torso, as well as a head-mounted Small Pulse Laser for anti-infantry duty. Protection was also improved, by replacing the original armor with 12.5 tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor, as well as adding CASE in both side torsos. Electronics was also slightly overhauled, retaining the original Communication System, while replacing the Target-and-Tracking system with the Garret D2j model produced by Mendham Electronics. Deployment: Like the VTR-9D, the Victor VTR-9D2 became a favored assault 'Mech of choice for Davion forces. At the same time, Sarao Steelworks was further contracted to refit and convert any of the AFFS' remaining Victor VTR-9B models into the VTR-9D2 version. ================================================================================ Equipment Type Rating Mass -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Internal Structure: Standard 122 points 8.00 Engine: Fusion Engine 320 22.50 Walking MP: 4 Running MP: 6 Jumping MP: 4 Standard Jump Jet Locations: 2 LL, 2 RL 4.00 Heat Sinks: Double Heat Sink 10(20) 0.00 Gyro: Standard 4.00 Cockpit: Standard 3.00 Actuators: L: SH+UA+LA+H R: SH+UA Armor: Ferro-Fibrous AV - 224 12.50 Armor Locations: 7 LT, 7 RT CASE Locations: 1 LT, 1 RT 1.00 Internal Armor Structure Factor Head 3 9 Center Torso 25 34 Center Torso (rear) 15 L/R Torso 17 24 L/R Torso (rear) 10 L/R Arm 13 25 L/R Leg 17 24 ================================================================================ Equipment Location Heat Critical Mass -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gauss Rifle RA 1 7 15.00 2 Medium Lasers LA 6 2 2.00 SRM-4 LT 3 1 2.00 Medium Laser CT 3 1 1.00 Small Pulse Laser HD 2 1 1.00 @Gauss Rifle (24) RT - 3 3.00 @SRM-4 (25) LT - 1 1.00 Free Critical Slots: 13 BattleForce Statistics MV S (+0) M (+2) L (+4) E (+6) Wt. Ov Armor: 7 Points: 19 4j 4 4 2 0 4 0 Structure: 6 Special Abilities: CASE, SRCH, ES, SEAL, SOA

Prince posted this 25 August 2018

It's good!

I like how you added the SPL, when the old fluff (for some reason) made infantry attacks against Victors such a big deal.