BATTLETECH: By Hairbrained Schemes General Thread

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Prince posted this 4 weeks ago

Bought it on launch. Gotta say, I'm really surprised how faithful it's been and how fun it is- and I can see how you really have to watch your refits and repairs on your 'mechs, since every crit is ~3 days in-game time to repair the damage. I'm also impressed by how well the Unity engine- of all things- is able to run this.

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icehellion posted this 4 weeks ago

I hope you won't have to often to wait for them to be repaired.

Prince posted this 4 weeks ago

You do, but moving in-between worlds is actually at the standard BAttletech game level- so if you finish up a planet's worth of missions and have to head to another system for more work, you've got 20+ days of leaving via dropper, getting to a jump ship, then getting in system and heading to the planet again.

It's right on the cusp of "always having time"- you can fix a lot of stuff early on, but you DO need to watch for internal damage as their repair adds up in time fast.

Thunder posted this 3 weeks ago

Does anyone else have a voice that screams "You can't do that!"  "Why Can't I do that!" about the game.  Mine is triggered by minor things...  Like vehicles operating in vacuum.  Or a Dropship attached to a dropship attached to a jump ship...

Fabrizo posted this 3 weeks ago

I know what you mean, though by construction rules I think the Argo is more a Monitor than a Dropship.

Things like Mechs with damaged parts going into water.

Heck, I even had a tank operating under water once.

The cut scenes with the Jumpship making jumps in close proximity to dropships and other jumpships.

AC/5's hitting as hard as PPC's.

Mostly minor things I totally understand why they tweeked, but 20 year old habits/understandings are hard to break.

Prince posted this 2 weeks ago

I know what you mean, though by construction rules I think the Argo is more a Monitor than a Dropship.

Man, even after TPTB tried to kill monitors for good in an XTRO they STILL put one in. That's pretty funny to me, especially when the idea and purpose of the Argo as a mobile space station and refuel/refit point for colonization makes sense.

I'm 'okay' with seeing the tanks and the like being used on non-hospitable surfaces, simply because i'd be splitting hairs otherwise. And for anyone who's reading who hasn't bought the game- Large lasers aren't worth it, and PPCs are 'eh', better used for their "interference" abilities. Also, LRMs OP PLS NERF which is soon going to be addressed.