List of Other People's Designs I Have From the Old Solaris 7

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Fabrizo posted this 2 weeks ago

Due to my OCD about some things, I kept all my 'Mech files separated into different folders.

One (three actually) of those was for Other People designs.

I recently found the flash drive I used to store BattleTech stuff on, so I figured I'd put together a list of what I have as I know some people are looking for whatever of their old S7 stuff they can find.

I created a google doc of what I have.

If one of these is yours contact me in this thread or private message and I will post a HMP generated text file of the design.

Also, if you know who created one of the many "Unknown" designs, contact me and I'll update the Designer.

I check the site inconsistently so you may not get a reply right away.


Old S7 Armory - Mike's Mechworks

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icehellion posted this 2 weeks ago

 The Shere-Khan is mine (I checked my files to see if the model number was the right one) and if I remember correctly Knightmare was designed by Warhawk.


I know a couple of others but I don't remember their designers right now.

Fabrizo posted this 2 weeks ago


Thank you