List of Other People's Designs I Have From the Old Solaris 7

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Fabrizo posted this 14 January 2018

Due to my OCD about some things, I kept all my 'Mech files separated into different folders.

One (three actually) of those was for Other People designs.

I recently found the flash drive I used to store BattleTech stuff on, so I figured I'd put together a list of what I have as I know some people are looking for whatever of their old S7 stuff they can find.

I created a google doc of what I have.

If one of these is yours contact me in this thread or private message and I will post a HMP generated text file of the design.

Also, if you know who created one of the many "Unknown" designs, contact me and I'll update the Designer.

I check the site inconsistently so you may not get a reply right away.


Old S7 Armory - Mike's Mechworks

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Fabrizo posted this 6 days ago


Fixed your name too.

I blame my fat fingers.

Madlizardx posted this 1 weeks ago

RO-1K Rook and MUN-4N3 Mundane are mine.  Looks like my name is misspelled for as the designer of the Duster and Citadel.


Its neat that you managed to hold on to these, thanks man.

Fabrizo posted this 4 weeks ago


Corrected the name & credited you with the design.

Also corrected the name in the design file I had for it.

Must have made that mistake years ago when I inputted it into HMP.

Thunder posted this 4 weeks ago

Battle Mallet BMT-17 Dated 6/15/2003.

Was one of the mechs I designed after the first great crash of S7.  Found as a MTF files from 2 computers ago.

Fabrizo posted this 4 weeks ago

Name might be a mistype on my part then. It did seem strange.

Could sort of be seen as a mini Warhammer.

40 tons, 6/9, ERPPC in each arm, SSRM-4 in CT. Very light armor.

I'll leave it Unknown for now, but if you confirm that is yours I'll change it.

The others were updated.

Thunder posted this 4 weeks ago

BMT-17 Battle Malley

Double check.  Is it the Battle Mallet?  Would probably be mine.  Extra Mini warhammer.

Eviscerator's.  Both of them.  Definitly mine.

OKS Prime.  Mine.  Funny because it was actually part of a set of mechs that turned into the Obsidian Idol

Fabrizo posted this 4 weeks ago


Thank you as well.

Captain posted this 4 weeks ago

I see Gauntlet's Balrog on that list as an "Unknown."

Fabrizo posted this 14 January 2018


Thank you

icehellion posted this 14 January 2018

 The Shere-Khan is mine (I checked my files to see if the model number was the right one) and if I remember correctly Knightmare was designed by Warhawk.


I know a couple of others but I don't remember their designers right now.