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Thunder posted this 16 June 2018

Ram RAM-01

Mass: 80 tons
Tech Base: Inner Sphere
Chassis Config: Biped
Rules Level: Experimental Tech
Era: All Eras (non-canon)
Tech Rating/Era Availability: E/X-X-F-A
Production Year: 0
Cost: 29,365,440 C-Bills
Battle Value: 2,402

Chassis: Unknown Endo-Steel
Power Plant: Unknown 400 Fusion XL Engine
Walking Speed: 54.0 km/h (64.8 km/h)
Maximum Speed: 86.4 km/h (118.8 km/h)
Jump Jets: None
    Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor: Unknown Hardened
    10  Small Lasers
    2  Small Shields
Manufacturer: Unknown
    Primary Factory: Unknown
Communications System: Unknown
Targeting and Tracking System: Unknown

What would happen if you took a Charger and doubled down on what made it such
a... "Unique" mech?

You Get the Ram.  Faster, tougher, even more ridiculously short damage,  and a
price tag that only makes sense in an age where XXL engines are used everywhere
else.  Who would want such an impractical mech?  The arena's of Solaris 7 of

And now that the token "oh look this can fit into the lore" speech has been

Alpha Strike design.  Which really did stem from a how can I improve the
charger.  Went from "If I use a light engine I can improve the guns" to "If I
use an XL engine I can use hardened armor..."  TSM, and the Shields for their
melee weapon abilities were kind of a given.  The real bit of finessing things
was to keep the small laser armament so it only has a short damage range.  This
in turn with its only 10 movement gives it the brawler discount of 25% of its
Point value cost.

This is not a finesse oriented design tactically.  Run at target.  Shoot for 3
if you have to.  Melee for 6 as much as possible.  Rely on heavy armor and
damage reduction from the shields to carry the day.

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Thunder posted this 16 June 2018

Equipment           Type                         Rating                   Mass 
Internal Structure: Endo-Steel                   122 points                4.00
    Internal Locations: 2 CT, 3 LT, 3 RT, 3 LA, 3 RA
Engine:             XL Fusion Engine             400                      26.50
    Walking MP: 5 (6)
    Running MP: 8 (11)
    Jumping MP: 0
Heat Sinks:         Single Heat Sink             10                        0.00
Gyro:               Standard                                               4.00
Cockpit:            Standard                                               3.00
    Actuators:      L: SH+UA+LA+H    R: SH+UA+LA+H
    TSM Locations: 1 LA, 1 RA, 2 LL, 2 RL
Armor:              Hardened                     AV - 244                 30.50

                                                      Internal       Armor     
                                                      Structure      Factor    
                                                Head     3            9        
                                        Center Torso     25           39       
                                 Center Torso (rear)                  10       
                                           L/R Torso     17           25       
                                    L/R Torso (rear)                  9        
                                             L/R Arm     13           26       
                                             L/R Leg     17           33       

Equipment                                 Location    Heat    Critical    Mass 
5 Small Lasers                               RT        5         5         2.50
5 Small Lasers                               LT        5         5         2.50
Supercharger                                 LT        -         1         3.00
Small Shield                                 RA        -         3         2.00
Small Shield                                 LA        -         3         2.00
                                            Free Critical Slots: 4

BattleForce Statistics
MV      S (+0)  M (+2)  L (+4)  E (+6)   Wt.   Ov   Armor:     16    Points: 24
6          3       0       0       0      4     0   Structure:  4
Special Abilities: TSM, MEL, SHLD, ENE, SRCH, ES, SEAL, SOA

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Thunder posted this 16 June 2018


Headhunter posted this 27 June 2018

Tacticians may scoff, but that is only until this freight-train runs them over and brings in the full brutality of battle via a TSM punch to the face.  Mind you, not one I'd use in the field, but it would indeed be a terror on the Solaris circuit, and the fact that it does most of its damage physically would make it a favorite for many.  Interesting design.  Just keep it off the battlefield, I have enough damage to fix from idiots in wasps DFA'ing me all the time without cleaning up after this guy