Designer: Lord Cain / Armory: Inclusive Technologies Warworks

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Lasergunner posted this 16 July 2017

UPDATE: 2/13/2005

Enforcer ENF-ITW2

Level: Custom Level 2 / 3060

Technology: Inner Sphere Biped

Tonnage: 50 Tons

Designer: Lord Cain

Armory: Inclusive Technologies Warworks


Faction Availability

House Allard-Liao Inner Sphere

House Davion Inner Sphere


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Equipment   Mass

Cockpit: Standard 3T

Engine: XL 250 6.5T

Gyro: Standard 2.5T

  Walk: 5 MP

  Run: 8 MP

  Jump: 5 MP

Double Heat Sinks: 10 [20] 0T

  10 in Engine

  Internal Structure Armor

  Endo-Steel Standard

Tons 2.5 10.5

Head 3 9

Center Torso 16 21/10

L/R Torso 12 17/7

L/R Arm 8 16

L/R Leg 12 24



Battle Value: 0

C-Bill Cost: 0

Qty Weapons and Equipment Location Critical Tonnage

1 Ultra AC/5 RA 5 9

1 ER PPC LA 3 7

1 Targeting Computer LT 4 4

2 Ammo (Ultra AC/5) 20 LA 2 2

2 Jump Jets LL 2 1

2 Jump Jets RL 2 1

1 Jump Jets CT 1 0.5


31 36.5



The Enforcer project at the ITW Mechworks has been shrouded in Davion security after the retrofit of the ancient Enforcers Brianna Hoffmeier purchased. Armed with a working knowledge of the internal layout of the ENF series, the engineers at ITW decided to give their take on the Enforcer a match grade improvment. Used in conjunction with the new "Lone Gunman" program in the Federated Suns, pilots are being issued this mech as an official Federated Suns field mech, not a refit. The House of Lao has put a bounty on these "sniper" machines and demands an intact machine for study from the would be bounty hunters to claim their prize.



Using an Ultra AC 5 teamed with an ER PPC the new ENF-ITW2 sports a targeting computer to produce crippling shots against enemy mechs. The bolt of pure energy produced by the Thunder-God PPC softens armor and often cracks mountings on the frame of enemy targets, then the highspeed burst fire from the Ultra 5 fragments the damaged armor or sinks into the superheated armor and explodes leaving rents in the protection. With improved movement and jump capabilities, the ENF-ITW2 can move quickly and dose an enemy with heavy damage right where it hurts the most.


Configuration / Variants:

This model is being produced as a full field ready machine. The main lines of the original manufacturer are still churning out the Prince's design: the Enforcer III. The modifications necessary to produce a smaller group of these sniper models would have taken too much retooling at the main plant. Under direct authorization the new model is being built and sent to units with properly trained pilots. This particular model is not available outside the Federated Suns Armed Forces, however a scaled back model sans the advanced targeting computer is schedualed for release soon.


Battle History:

Most of the information surrounding the new model has been gleaned from a freely released copy of gun footage from an ENF-ITW2. Where, when, and what unit deployed the machine are unknown. However the unit being attacked was easy to identify: McCarrons armored calvary. The opening scene shows the unit with the sniper waiting quietly until a scout lance from the Big Mac stumbled into their crosshairs. The other units in the ambush opened up a wild blast of LRM and Autocannon fire pitting their targets with a broad range of damage here and there on the mechs. Then the sniper struck. A pinpoint shot into the left torso of a Capellan Raven sheared off the torso and with it the engine burst open devistating the machine. Another volley crippled a second Lao machine outright from the wave of damage spilled on it. The sniper shot a Hermes mech in the leg and severed the limb. The fourth and final machine raced to escape the ambush but a shot from extreme range with the ER PPC punched through the escaping mech's backside and dislodged the gyro mounting system and the mech crashed. Quick follow up from his lancemates finished off the crippled units and the video ends.



Davion is secretly and quietly inserting this mech into his forces in all districts and marches where trained personel are available. Current training and redeployment figures show that the "Lone Gunman program" is graduating a minimum of 20 and maximum of 45 pilots every four months with the specific training to use the "sniper" technique on a mech to mech scale. The production levels at the ITW Mechworks are indicating far less than that number of machines being produced. The three classes to date have been sent back to their respective units without an ENF-ITW2. Spys have been attempting to gain access to ITW computers and grounds on Kentares IV but the only secret info available from these attempts show a stockpile of only 20 Enforcers on the secret construction line. Hardly enough to supply the needs of the first class alone. Unless ITW is a red herring for the deployment of the ENF-ITW2 (it's model number bears their initials) or the facility is having trouble keeping up with demand, one other reasonable explaination could be that other mechs are intended for the LG program and that the Enforcer being built for other purposes. Equally reasonable is the possibility of much better guarded production at the site than was first estimated and the 20 units viewed were intended to be viewed. In any case the deployment of this model has caused great concern for the House of Lao as most LG graduates are being deployed into marches boardering on Lao. There have been six graduates from the St. Ives Compact who's current whereabouts are unknown.

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Knightmare 0 12/12/2004  

Same. Good work

Ice Hellion 0 12/12/2004  

Nice upgrade (I am just curious about why this is a lvl 3 'Mech?).
It reminds me of the ENF-5TC if the Taurian had had access to more advanced tech.
A really good work done here and nice fluff too.